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36 acres near PHS North proposed for annexation


Pickerington City Council's Service Committee approved by a 3-0 vote Oct. 16 a draft ordinance to accept voluntary pre-annexation agreements with landowners located in what has been projected as the community's next significant growth area.

Two landowners that own approximately 36 acres of property to the southeast of the Pickerington Road/Refugee Road intersection have expressed interest in annexing to the city of Pickerington.

The land is east of Pickerington High School North.

"One property is approximately 35 acres and the other is approximately 1 acre in size," said Bill Vance, Pickerington city manager.

He said the property owners desire annexation not only to enhance their property's value, but also to receive city services, "most specifically the marketing benefits associated with Pickerington commercial zonings and responsible land-use philosophies."

Vance said he and Mayor Lee Gray plan to meet with representatives from Violet Township, the Pickerington Local School District and Fairfield County to discuss responsible development activities.

He said any commercial development at the intersection would require an extension of Fairfield County's infrastructure.

"(Fairfield) County water and sewer utilities are located in close proximity to the intersection of Refugee Road and Pickerington Road as this area is within the established service area of the Fairfield County Utility Department," Vance. said

He said the Service Committee has endorsed him to coordinate a proposal whereupon the city and Fairfield County would "co-own and equally co-invest in the extension of an existing county sewer line" at the intersection.

Any extension would handle future wastewater service demands, "which predictably could exceed the capacity of existing (Fairfield) County sewer lines now in this area," Vance said.

He said county water services now in place on Refugee Road have sufficient capacity to handle present and future water demands "with what could realistically become the next significant commercial intersection in the Pickerington/Violet Township community over the next five to 10 to 20 years."

Vance said proposed rezoning within the voluntary annexation agreements "are 100 percent commercial."

"The primary zoning being requested is Pickerington C-3 Community Commercial with approximately 10 acres of C-2 Mixed-Use Commercial," Vance said.

He stated the goal is to coordinate the annexation agreements this year, however, it is premature to speculate about specific development plans for the area until an agreement has been put in place.

The proposed annexation agreements will also eventually require City Council approval, Vance said.