Pickerington Times-Sun

Third-grade reading scores in line with similar districts


Pickerington Local School District officials generally compare their district to those of similar size in central Ohio, including Gahanna-Jefferson, Hilliard, Westerville and Worthington.

By that standard, Pickerington's third-graders appear to be reading at close to the same levels as their area counterparts.

According to the state report issued Friday, Dec. 13, 69 percent of Pickerington's third-graders were reading at a "proficient or above" rate based on Ohio Achievement Assessment results from a test administered in October.

Of those, 29.4 percent were reading at an "advanced" level, 21.2 percent were "accelerated," 18.4 percent were "proficient," 16.3 percent were "basic" and 14.7 percent were "limited."

The state report showed 69.6 percent of Gahanna-Jefferson third graders were proficient or above, 32 percent were advanced, 19.7 percent were accelerated, 17.9 were proficient, 14.1 percent were basic and 16.4 percent were limited.

Data for Hilliard third-graders indicated 63.5 percent were proficient or above, 24.7 percent were advanced, 20.6 percent were accelerated, 18.1 percent were proficient, 16.1 percent were basic and 20.5 percent were limited.

The ODE reported 69.1 percent of Westerville third graders were proficient or above, 32.2 percent were advanced, 19.3 percent were accelerated, 17.6 percent were proficient, 14.2 percent were basic and 16.7 percent were limited.

The report stated 68.3 percent of Worthington third-graders were proficient or above, 34.2 percent were advanced, 17.9 percent were accelerated, 16.2 percent were proficient, 14.1 percent were basic and 17.6 percent were limited.