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Violet Township

Trustees continue to explore possible 2-mill road levy


The Violet Township board of trustees took another substantial step towards determining the viability of placing a road levy on the ballot in 2014.

Dec. 18, the trustees voted 3-0 to approve a resolution requesting the Fairfield County Auditor certify the township's current tax valuation and the dollar amount of revenue to be generated by a 2-mill road levy.

The resolution specifically states the township is considering a road levy "... at the rate of two (2) mils for each one dollar of valuation... ," which amounts to 20 cents for each $100 of valuation, for a period of five years.

"This is part of the process," said Greg Butcher, Violet Township engineer.

"The auditor has to provide us with an estimate of collected revenue based on a 2-mill operating levy," Butcher said.

"This is the beginning of two pieces of legislation," said Bill Yaple, Violet Township director of operations.

"The next step is a resolution to place a levy on the ballot," Yaple said.

The county auditor's analysis pertains only to the value of the properties in unincorporated portions of Violet Township.

Butcher said it is becoming very clear that a proposed road levy appears to be perhaps the best option to deal with shortfalls in the township's road budget.

"We continue to face stagnant or declining revenues in the face of escalating prices," Butcher said.

"In an effort to preserve Violet Township's biggest investment, we look at a road levy as one option to achieve that goal," he said.

The current budget of $500,000 per year to maintain the township's network of roads and culverts is inadequate, Butcher said.

"That's historically our budget number," he said.

"We're finding that $500,000 is problematic to maintain our existing infrastructure in a manner that is received by our township residents," he said.

The township has hired a consultant, Allerton Hill Consulting, to help determine if a road levy has a chance of passing in 2014. The company recently completed a townshipwide telephone poll to test the waters.

"So far its not a 50 percent passage, not on the poll, but we think we can make it a 50 percent passage," Yaple said.