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Violet Township

Grant will help with Mingo Estate infrastructure repairs


The fourth time is a charm for Violet Township in its quest to seek state funding for infrastructure repairs in the Mingo Estates subdivision.

Township Engineer Greg Butcher announced at the Jan. 15 Violet Township Board of Trustees meeting the Ohio Public Works Commission elected to fund the Mingo Estates Phase 2 Project.

"Violet Township has submitted grant applications in 2008 and in the years 2010 through 2013 for infrastructure improvements within the Mingo Estates subdivision," Butcher said.

The township was notified its latest grant application received the green light for funding two weeks ago.

"The project is a multi-jurisdictional effort involving Violet Township, the city of Pickerington and Fairfield County," Butcher said.

He said the project will entail a "complete rebuild of the infrastructure on the southern half portion of Mingo Estates."

Improvements planned tentatively include a new storm sewer, sanitary sewer, waterline, pavement and curb and sidewalks, Butcher said.

"However, the scope of the project is still being finalized with the three government partners," he said.

The estimated cost of Mingo Estates Phase 2 is $1.6 million, with OPWC assistance tabbed at $1.2 million, Butcher said.

"The assistance is in the form of a combination grant and 30-year loan," he said.

"Additionally, a total local share of $400,000 will be required by the three governmental jurisdictions," he said.

Butcher said Violet Township's "out-of-pocket" share is an estimated $250,000 and the township will be also responsible for 100 percent of the $850,000 loan at 3-percent interest.

"These projects are indicative of the infrastructure investment we not only have but also the risk associated with what we have," Butcher said.

"It puts it in perspective of what it costs (to maintain)," he said.

The project will get underway this year and it will likely carry over into 2015, Butcher said.

Trustee Harry Myers Jr. asked Butcher if both the city of Pickerington and Fairfield County were fully committed to the project.

"Could one of them back out?" Myers asked.

"It's important to recognize, the way it's structured, everybody is paying the same percentage of the local share," Butcher said.

"Our two partners have significant grant monies in this (project). I would be surprised if either entity turned down the grant," he said.

Even if one of the partners declined to participate, Butcher said he believed the township could continue with the project.