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Violet Township

Yaple chosen to serve as interim fiscal officer

Trustees are interviewing applicants for the position


The Violet Township Board of Trustees unanimously voted 3-0 to install Bill Yaple as deputy fiscal officer at a special meeting on January 22.

Yaple is the township's director of operations.

He will serve as a placeholder until a formal appointment of a new fiscal officer can officially be made next month.

Current Fiscal Officer Chris Smith has resigned from the position effective Jan. 31, 2014.

"This will allow the bills to be paid and money to be transferred," Yaple said.

He said the appointment is crucial because the township's biennial audit is due this year and a fiscal officer must be on board to guide both the auditor and township through the process.

"I'm not an employee (of the township). I'm contracted, so there wasn't a conflict of interest," Yaple said.

Yaple's appointment has no set termination date. That is dependent upon when a new fiscal officer can be hired.

"I hope (the trustees) can come to an agreement in early February," Yaple said.

He said at least six township residents submitted applications to become fiscal officer.

Interviews were held Saturday, Jan. 25 and are slated again for Saturday, Feb. 1.

According to Yaple, township residents who have been interviewed or will be are Karin King, Brian Sauer, Cathleen Donahue, Ron Schubert, Lilane Fox and Dan Griscom former Pickerington Local School District treasurer.

"We have a pool of some well-qualified folks," Yaple said.

"They all have financial backgrounds and most of them have done similar things with companies," he said.

At the same meeting, the board of trustees also voted 2-0 to hire certified public accountant Ronald J. Hagan for consulting services at a rate of $220 per hour.

Trustee Terry Dunlap Sr. abstained from voting on the consulting contract because of personal business with Hagan's firm.

Hagan was brought in to provide advisory and consulting services to assist the new fiscal officer once that appointment is made as well as to assist Yaple in the interim.

Specifically, the resolution states Hagan will help finalize financial reports and complete record-keeping requirements required by the state of Ohio for the balance of 2013 and the start of 2014.

Yaple said Hagan previously served as Violet Township's Fiscal Officer and clerk.

"He has a knowledge (of the township). He's also a CPA," Yaple said.

"We've asked him to come in on an 'as needed basis' if we need some help," Yaple said.