A proposed animal hospital could soon be located in the Discount Drug Mart Center on Hill Road North.

A proposed animal hospital could soon be located in the Discount Drug Mart Center on Hill Road North.

The Pickerington Planning and Zoning Commission voted 4-0 to grant the owners of the business a conditional-use permit Feb. 11.

Julie Miles of London, Ohio, the unnamed animal clinic's representative, assured the commission she would take the necessary precautions to ensure the establishment remains "odor-free."

She said the clinic will do so by installing an additional ventilation unit in the 3,570 square-foot leased space.

Miles also said the animal hospital will not be in the business of boarding animals, however, any animals that would remain at the facility overnight would do so for medical purposes only.

Ted Hackworth of the Planning and Zoning Commission expressed concerns the facility would be conducting x-rays between two existing businesses in the shopping center.

"The walls will be lined with lead if I have to. (We'll) make sure the room that houses any x-ray machine prevents radiation from escaping the room," said Miles.

"I'm more concerned with (radiation) getting up into the air vents," Hackworth said.

Pickerington's zoning staff recommended the animal clinic soundproof its walls and undertake "appropriate pet waste control measures," including sewage pre-treatment methods.

Miles told the commission she was advised there is no requirement for sewage pre-treatment of animal waste because it is considered a "non-hazardous solid waste."

"Most pet waste, under these laws, you can either flush it down the toilet or throw it away in the regular trash," she said, adding her contractor will "put in a hazardous waste disposal" unit in the facility.

Miles said the clinic will comply with local, state and federal laws in regard to animal restraints.

"Any pet that needs to be walked will be walked in the back of the building and (be) double-leashed," she said.

Only four Planning and Zoning Commission members were present at the meeting. Commission members Paula Carter, Doug Blake and Mark Dembski did not attend the meeting.

All four members present -- Hackworth, Tony Barletta, Brian Bosch and Vonetta McDonald -- voted to approve the animal clinic's conditional use permit.