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Violet Township

$250,000 budgets for hot mix asphalt for 3 areas


Violet Township's 2014 Paving Program will focus on three areas of the township, two of which already received treatment last year.

Township roads in both the New England Acres and Sturbridge Meadows subdivisions will be paved with conventional "hot mix" asphalt for a total expenditure of $250,000 in 2014.

Both areas were treated last September with less expensive "chip seal" or liquid asphalt to the collective dismay of many of the subdivision's residents.

As a result, the township board of trustees voted to re-pave the affected areas with conventional asphalt last October with funds taken from the 2014 paving program.

Township Engineer Greg Butcher said the only other area targeted for conventional paving this year is on Busey Road between Diley Road and Pickerington Road, at an estimated cost of $250,000.

"This will constitute the township's paving program in 2014," Butcher said.

"However, if bids come in less than anticipated, there is potential for spot repairs being performed on selected streets," he said.

In all, about five miles of roadway in Violet Township will be resurfaced with conventional hot mix asphalt in 2014, Butcher said.

Utilizing a hot mix asphalt approach for pavement maintenance is not viable at current funding levels, especially because hot mix paving costs exceeded $100,000 per mile in 2013, he said.

"Currently, the township has maintenance responsibility for 105 miles (of roadway)," Butcher said.

"Without additional funding or changes in pavement maintenance philosophy, keeping township roads in conditions residents have become accustomed to is unsustainable," he said.

Those challenges will likely remain for the time being. Violet Township did conduct an exploratory phone poll to determine whether to put a road levy on the ballot in May.

Lack of public support nixed the idea, township officials said. The township now will seek a 3.8-mill fire levy instead.

A resolution to advertise for paving bids was unanimously approved at the Feb. 19 trustees meeting. "Bidding should occur in late March," Butcher said.

In a related matter, Butcher said a 50-percent weight limit reduction was administratively approved for a portion of Busey Road.

"Roads showing signs of pavement distress in February are candidates for load limit reductions allowed by state law," he said.

"Based on the condition of the pavement, Busey Road between Hill Road and Diley Road was identified for a load limit reduction," Butcher said.