Pickerington Times-Sun

Site provides outlet for district's surplus

Funds from the sales can be put toward projects, basic operations


Vehicles, equipment and other items no longer needed by the Pickerington Local School District can now be purchased through an online auction site.

PLSD officials last week announced the district has forged a new partnership with PublicSurplus.com, through which school equipment and other goods will be sold.

The district is not paying to sell items through the website, but it will receive proceeds from those sales.

For its part, PublicSurplus.com will receive a 10 percent "buyer's premium" over and above the sale price for items sold.

"The district can dispose of assets that are no longer needed, or that are obsolete, as long as the value doesn't exceed ($10,000)," said PLSD Treasurer Ryan Jenkins. "This will provide the public opportunities to access those items.

"It's convenient, it's easy and we can set up the auctions online."

As of last week, the district had one item listed on the website: a Jugs pitching machine capable of throwing curveballs.

Jenkins said new items will be added to the site as they're identified as being no longer needed by the district.

"Springtime tends to be a time where schools look at their inventories and decide when the items can go," he said.

Interested buyers are required to establish an account with the website, and can have emails sent to them when a specified public agency adds items to be sold.

The district can use the funds generated for the sale for everything from operations costs to building projects.

"It can go into the general fund, or you can also put it into a capital fund," Jenkins said.

For items exceeding $10,000, the district still will be required to advertise impending sales in local newspapers of general circulation.