Reynoldsburg hosted its third annual Community Clean-Up Week June 6-15 and for the third time, it was a huge success.

To the editor:

Reynoldsburg hosted its third annual Community Clean-Up Week June 6-15 and for the third time, it was a huge success.

The main event, held on Saturday, June 7, at City Hall, was "highly appreciated" as stated by many residents throughout the day. Cintas reported that over 10,000 pounds of shredding was done between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Rumpke reported 9.49 tons of solid waste, 0.25 tons of yard waste and 1.2 tons of recyclable materials were collected on Clean-Up Day.

The red recycling bin exchange was once again very popular, as demonstrated by the overflowing dumpster. A new feature this year, sponsored by Intechra, was for electronic equipment and also was a huge success. Intechra workers reported that they unloaded 6,100 pounds of recyclable computer and electronic parts.

The 2008 Reynoldsburg Community Clean-Up Committee would like to thank the 130 volunteers who donated their time to help clean up trash and litter along the streets, remove waste from streams and assist in general repair and clean-up for the elderly and disabled. These volunteers were rewarded with delicious food and drinks from the following generous local sponsors: Panera Bread, Subway-Main Street, Grandma's Pizza, McDonald's, 7-Up; Jolly Pirate Donuts, Blocks Bagels and Kroger.

Financial sponsors for our event were: SWACO, Wal-Mart, Rumpke, Lowe's DLZ, Reynoldsburg-Pickerington Rotary and Reynoldsburg United Methodist Church.

Without their support, this event would not happen.

Congratulations to our Poster Contest winners: Hannah Clarke, Angelique Stepanian, Hailey Hooker, Carmen Caruso, Chloe Brown, Dana Coffman, Maria Bruggeman, Annie Indelicato, Carrie Gamble, Rachel Paul and the Grand Prize winner, Chellsea Price.

Students from Reynoldsburg were invited to design a poster judged by Sharon Bobo, Chase Bryan, Les Somogyi and Lexi Burcham. Chellsea's winning poster was featured on a T-shirt given out to the volunteers who worked on Saturday.

The 11 winners received a plaque honoring their accomplishments, along with prizes donated by Just Because Gifts, Rainbow Station Day Care, Columbus Crew, Target, Gamerz, Dairy Queen and City Barbeque. Gifts were also donated by Donatos-Main Street, Flowerama, Mulholland Brewery, Hickory House, Fisher's Greenhouse and Kroger for the raffle.

Thanks to everyone who had a part is this year's event. It goes without saying that it would not have been success without the support of the community and the generous donations from the companies listed above.

Mary E. Burcham

City service departments


To the editor:

Why is there so much traffic congestion in Reynoldsburg? Here are a few of my observations:

The traffic light at Main Street and Haft Drive has the ability to signal a left-turn arrow for westbound traffic, but doesn't.

Jackson Street has been designated as a truck route, yet semi-trucks have a very difficult time turning off of Main Street due to the narrowness of the intersection, especially when cars are parked besides Connell's Hardware. It makes more sense for Graham Road to be the designated truck route due to the much wider intersection, allowing semis to round the corner.

Did the city ever consider the transporting of hazardous cargo passing right in front of Hannah Ashton Middle School?

What's going on with the intersection of Taylor Road and Main Street? First, the Taylor/Main traffic light and the traffic light on Taylor just north of the intersection aren't in sync, which causes traffic back-up. Traffic flowed smoothly when this "Kroger" traffic light was set to "flash" during last year's construction.

Second, traffic southbound on Taylor backs up because the "straight ahead" lane and right/west turning lane are one and the same.

The city should move the construction barrels so there is a left/east turning lane, a "straight ahead" lane, and a right/west turning lane.

Dotted white lines across Main Street would keep drivers in their appropriate lanes.

Let's get it right, Reynoldsburg!

Kelly Rettig