To the editor:

To the editor:

The recent threat by Councilwoman Donna Shirey to launch a recall petition against Mayor Brad McCloud is horribly disappointing.

There is no doubt that the residency requirement issue is very complex and challenging, considering its uncertain legal status. As a past chairman of the Reynoldsburg Charter Review Commission (2007), I certainly respect the city's charter, but if the Ohio Supreme Court rules that residency requirements are unconstitutional, that section of the charter will have to be changed.

I would hope that members of council would recognize that this is an extremely unique situation.

McCloud's concerns over the legality of residency requirements are valid, given the pending Supreme Court case. Why in the world would anyone find reason to threaten a recall over this issue? Such talk is nothing more than petty political bickering and the citizens of Reynoldsburg know it.

Let's not forget that the voters overwhelmingly elected McCloud mayor less than a year ago. Since that time, he's fulfilled many of the pledges he made during his campaign and this city is making good progress.

Ideally, members of council would focus on improving our city instead of making baseless threats against a successful new mayor.

Nathan Burd