Reynoldsburg's director of engineering, Jim Miller, is now the city's service director.

Reynoldsburg's director of engineering, Jim Miller, is now the city's service director.

He succeeds former safety service director Pam Boratyn, who left earlier this month to accept a position as general counsel with the Ohio Attorney General's office.

Mayor Brad McCloud made the decision effective Jan. 10.

McCloud said he initially asked Miller to be acting service director in addition to his engineering duties, but then decided to give him the title of service director. Miller received a salary increase of nearly 6 percent, bringing his annual pay to $79,000.

He said he is confident about Miller's ability to take on the service director position.

"Jim has proven he has the capability to do that job, and I'm comfortable and confident in his abilities, and that is why he is there," McCloud said. "As good as he is, he can't be everywhere at once, so that's why we're looking at our staffing needs as we begin to move forward."

As for hiring a new person as safety director, McCloud said he will continue to oversee those responsibilities in the short-term until he decides what he wants to do in the future.

Miller said he was elated and flattered that McCloud entrusted him with handling the service director responsibilities.

"My title is service director now, but I'm still functioning as a city engineer in addition to the service director. Some of the engineer and service director roles and responsibilities overlap, anyway," he said.

Miller said as service director, his duties will include overseeing the city's code enforcement issues such as making sure residents and businesses follow city lawn maintenance codes and handling incidents such as water line breaks.

Also, he will handle other issues such as renewing the city's telephone maintenance contract and its mosquito spraying program.

In addition, he will oversee trash collection and road salt contracts and make sure there is enough salt in storage to handle any winter weather. He will also will be responsible for ordering new vehicles for city departments when needed.

Miller's responsibilities as director of engineering include overseeing Reynoldsburg's infrastructure improvements, such as street reconstruction programs and construction work on sewer and water lines.

In addition, he plans and coordinates various stormwater projects through out the city.

He said the planning and design of those projects for 2011 will begin to take shape in the next few weeks.