It's "back to the drawing board" for a bridge-building project behind Waggoner Road Junior High School.

It's "back to the drawing board" for a bridge-building project behind Waggoner Road Junior High School.

The "bridge-builder" is L.T. Roth, a freshman at Reynoldsburg's eSTEM High School who is working on his Eagle Scout award through Boy Scout Troop 277.

Roth said becoming an Eagle Scout means working up through six rankings and meeting requirements within each ranking, attaining 21 merit badges.

Prospective Eagle Scouts also must choose a project that "reflects leadership skills and helps a nonprofit, community organization."

"This is where the bridge comes in," Roth said. "When my coach asked me to build the bridge, I thought it would be a project that would last for a long time and be appreciated by the school and the community."

The coach was Kevin Lewis, Roth's cross country coach in junior high school.

"Mr. Lewis told me they wanted three bridges built to complete the course behind the junior high school," Roth said. "After meeting with him in January 2011, I decided to take only one of the bridges. The two other bridges were not really necessary because you could cross the area safely without the bridges -- you would just get a little muddy. That's what cross country is all about."

The bridge Roth decided to build will be 30 feet long by 6 feet wide by 12 feet high and will complete a two-mile running course.

Roth broke ground for the bridge two weeks ago and began working on the installation of footers for the bridge with the help of other scouts and scouting units; members of his congregation, Pickerington Church of Christ; and friends and family members.

"We started the pile-drilling on May 15, only to find that the area was solid rock and that there is a sanitary sewer line not marked on the plans we had of the area," Roth said. "So we have gone back to the drawing board to redesign the footers for the bridge."

He said the initial plan was to drill 10-foot piles into the ground as footers.

Local companies supporting the project include Stantec Inc., an engineering firm working with Roth on designs, soil testing and surveying; Sunbelt Rental for equipment rental; and Rusty's Towing, for delivery of the telephone poles.

The poles were donated by American Electric Power and AT&T.

Roth said he began by collecting information about different types of bridges and learning about flood plains, rules and regulations regarding hand railings and square footage per area.

"I took pictures of the area with snow, rain and overgrowth during the spring and summer," he said.

Despite the setbacks, Roth said the project continues to be "a learning experience."

"I have gotten real-life experience and have learned how to communicate with adults on a professional level, along with the politics, rules and regulations we have to go through to get projects approved," he said. "I've also learned how many people it takes to work on designing a simple project and the disappointment of not having things go as planned."

Other sponsors donating time or materials to the bridge project are Lowe's, Quickrete, Simpson Strong Tie, Columbus Fasteners, Natural Lime, Home Depot, 84 Lumber and EMH&T.

"I am still working on donations for the project," Roth said. "If there is anyone out there interested in helping, I won't turn him or her away."

Roth said he has received "tremendous support" from the scouting community and Reynoldsburg city offices, along with school administrators and coaches.

He said he hopes to finish the bridge by the end of summer.

He also will finish the requirements for his last four merit badges to complete his Eagle Scout requirements.

Roth also plans to attend summer camps for orchestra, Boy Scouts and his church.

"Next year I hope to help other scouts achieve their Eagle Scout goals," he said.

College may seem a bit far away at this point, but just like his goals for the bridge, Roth has plans for the future. They include attending college through the Air Force ROTC Program and earning a civil engineering degree.

Roth said people may contact him to help with the bridge at 614-886-8323 or ltroth@