The Reynoldsburg Swim Club will start its 52nd year of serving the Reynoldsburg community Saturday, May 26, at 7215 E. Main St.

The Reynoldsburg Swim Club will start its 52nd year of serving the Reynoldsburg community Saturday, May 26, at 7215 E. Main St.

Over the years, the club has made improvements with a new roof and new ceiling on the interior of the clubhouse. This year, the improvements will include the addition of WI-FI for those more interested in the outdoor experience, whether they swim or not.

Jim Barney, the club's co-owner and general manager, said in a prepared statement that the swim club did well enough last year to pay off the debt taken on after several cold seasons in 2009-10.

"The uncertainty regarding the continued operation of the Reynoldsburg Swim Club is put to rest, at least for another year," Barney said in the statement. "Fortunately, we had a very strong season last year, and given the extremely warm weather pattern this year, forecasters expect this summer to be among the hottest on record. The hotter the weather, the more people want to swim, and that's always good for us."

This year, Barney's partners, the Hadler Cos., are helping operate the club. One of their sons, Bill Hadler, is stepping in as assistant general manager of the club. A former life guard himself, Hadler is employed full time with his family's real estate business, and is affiliated with laundromat chain SunLight Cleaning Center and Columbus Square Bowling Palace.

"The family asked me to help supervise the swim club again this year. Jim operates the business, but we work together very well and I was able to help improve customer service and return the club to profitability. We were both very gratified how many people joined the club last year to support our ability to remain open. As the only swimming pool in Reynoldsburg, virtually no one wanted to see it closed. We hope we can count on even more support this year," Hadler said in the statement.

The club has two large pools and two children's pools, a basketball court, volleyball court and a snack bar.

The club will continue the Red Cross swimming lessons again this year, which are given in three, two-week programs. The first program begins June 25.

There is also a competitive swim team. The swim team practices in the morning and competes in the Eastside Suburban League.

A special part of the club's summer events are the Family Nites and Teen Nites. Dates of these events and more details will be announced when the season starts and will be posted on the bulletin board.

Memberships start at $175 for single members, with family plans starting at $285, depending upon the family size.

For more information, call 614-866-3211 or visit or http://www.hadler