There is something for everyone at SCOR -- Senior Citizens of Reynoldsburg.

There is something for everyone at SCOR -- Senior Citizens of Reynoldsburg.

Find SCOR at the Reynoldsburg Senior Activities Center, 1520 Davidson Drive. Hours are 9 a.m. until whenever.

SCOR offers bingo, Mahjong, bridge, Tripoley, pinochle, poker, and euchre on various days. The Friday afternoon canasta group is currently looking for additional players. The poolroom is open to all when the center is open.

You can participate in making bedrolls and comforters for the homeless, help with our newsletter and volunteer to work with middle school children. An incredible variety of activities designed just for you happen right here. Some classes charge a small fee. Do stop in the office to pick up a copy of the monthly schedule -- you will be sure to find an interesting activity.

Our lending library is free.

The Golden Clef Chorus welcomes those of you who enjoy singing. Artists will enjoy the watercolor class and the stained glass class.

Need some exercise? Join the line-dancing group. Chair exercises (range of motion) are well-attended; full-body workout sessions are also available. An eight-week Tai Chi class is in action.

Massages are scheduled by appointment at a fee of $40 per hour -- treat yourself.

A podiatrist is on site every other month. Your insurance may cover this.

The workout room, with a treadmill and recumbent bike, is available whenever the center is open. Walking trails begin just at the edge of the parking lot. The bowlers have just begun their season. Ballroom dancing class is well-attended. If you do not dance, enjoy the music and watch the Reynoldsburg seniors in action.

The jewelry design class offers an excellent opportunity to exercise your creativity. Items of beautiful jewelry are for sale as well.

Published and unpublished writers in the area are encouraged to participate in the memoir-writing/creative nonfiction class to be scheduled in the spring of 2013. Beginning writers are always welcome.

There is a potluck scheduled once a month, which is a great time to become acquainted with others who utilize this wonderful senior center.

Lively conversation takes place at the informal "coffee table." You will always find SCOR members who welcome you to join them. Coffee and snacks are available at minimal cost. This is an opportunity to become acquainted with others who enjoy the center.

Other activities include day trips and those of longer duration. Check us out!

In October, I witnessed the most wonderful display of kindness. Four young men were lifting a man seated in a wheelchair up the six steps that lead to the entrance of the New Antioch Bible Fellowship at Broad Alley and Lancaster Avenue. How inspirational to witness this exceptional act of caring.

Do something nice for your friend or neighbor today: Good deeds come back to us tenfold.

Have wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends. Share a plate of Thanksgiving dinner with someone who is alone and remember to give thanks for your blessings throughout the year.

Reynoldsburg resident Ann Monske, a member of SCOR, is retired from the Defense Supply Center Columbus.