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Electrical aggregation

New program promises more savings


Reynoldsburg residents could soon receive letters from FirstEnergy Solutions announcing the city's electrical aggregation program.

An electrical aggregation contract approved by Reynoldsburg City Council in December is expected to begin this month; it will end in December 2014.

The program is designed to save residents 20 percent off the American Electric Power (AEP) generation and transmission price, according to American Municipal Power representative Terry Leach.

The letter from FirstEnergy will include an opt-out deadline for residents who do not wish to join the program, along with information for customers who are on budget billing with AEP. Generation charges from FirstEnergy Solutions will not be budgeted -- customers will pay the full amount each month, based on usage, Leach said.

He said small businesses are expected to see 25-percent savings from the program.

The typical residential customer who uses 750 kilowatts a month of electricity could save $144 in a 12-month period, according to Leach. He called the program "no-risk, with a zero fee to join and no termination fee."

The city will receive a community grant of $10 for each enrolled customer through the program.

Councilman Scott Barrett said he has asked Mayor Brad McCloud to offer public forums at City Hall to communicate to residents how the aggregation program works and provide a media campaign about it.

"I feel this is a wonderful benefit for our community, but I want it to be better represented to our citizens," he said.

The city's last aggregation contract with FirstEnergy expired in December 2012. Leach said residents were guaranteed only a 5-percent savings from that contract.