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Reynoldsburg police Maybe they were Christmas shopping

Reynoldsburg police are looking for a couple who repeatedly visited the same business to allegedly steal electronics and other items.

Security personnel at the business in the 2700 block of Taylor Road Extension called police at 1:23 p.m. Dec. 28 after a man attempted to take two laptop computers, each valued at $549.99.

A loss prevention employee told officers that the Caucasian man attempted to conceal the items in his pants, but the employee confronted him and he dropped the items and ran out the front door.

Police said another employee approached while they were investigating and said the man and a woman, also Caucasian, had come into the business earlier that day and removed several laptops. The man was stopped at the door, then fled, but the woman got away with one of the computers.

Later on Dec. 28, between 7 and 8 p.m., the couple allegedly came back and stole a Sony PlayStation 3 and a battery pack.

A security employee told police he followed the pair on store cameras and saw the woman act as a distraction, then walk out. She returned to park a silver Chrysler Pacifica by the front doors. The security employee said the man ran out the front door with the merchandise and fled with the woman in the Chrysler. The value of the items was about $300.

In other Reynoldsburg police reports:

* Officers were dispatched to the same business on Taylor Road Extension Dec. 30 on a report that someone broke the driver's side window of a 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche parked in the lot and removed the stereo from the dashboard.

* The manager of a business in the 6900 block of East Main Street reported at 5:40 p.m. Jan. 2 that three black men were seen stealing merchandise. A loss prevention employee said a "bald, black male wearing a red and black coat" bypassed checkout lines with a cart full of merchandise and loaded the items into his car.

The driver of the car told the employee he was unaware that one of his passengers was stealing and got out of the car to start putting the merchandise back into the cart.

While the two were talking, another passenger loaded up the merchandise, jumped into the driver's seat of the car and took off, with the employee trying to hang onto the car door. He let go when the driver circled around the parking lot and picked up the original driver, then left the scene. The items stolen included two 24-packs of beer, dog food and a jar of pickles, police said.

* Police reported someone entered an unlocked van parked in the first block of Quarry Park Drive Jan. 4 and stole a built-in 23-inch television and damaged the console that housed it.