A Reynoldsburg man decided to "camp out" in a bathroom at a business on Brice Road.

A Reynoldsburg man decided to "camp out" in a bathroom at a business on Brice Road.

Police arrested the man and charged him with vagrancy and disorderly intoxication at 1 p.m. Jan. 5 at the business in the first block of Brice Road, but first they had to get him out of the locked bathroom.

Employees told officers the man was intoxicated and had been at the business for three days, asking people for money and hiding in the bathroom.

The reporting officer demanded the man leave the bathroom and when he did, the officer said the man "had an extremely strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on this breath," bloodshot eyes and difficulty walking or standing. Police took him into custody, then to an apartment in the 6500 block of Steinway, where he said he lived with several other people.

In other police news:

* Officers responded to a report of an aggressive dog at large Jan. 7 at a residence in the first block of Cottingham Road. The reporting officer said a large dog that another officer had returned to its owner earlier that day was on the sidewalk, barking, and the owner said she could not get it back into her house.

The officer said he called Franklin County Animal Control and those officers were able to get the dog into the woman's backyard. Franklin County Animal Control officers cited the woman because she did not have a license or rabies vaccination tags for that dog or another dog in her home -- a pit bull in a crate.

* Police responded to a burglary complaint at 7:56 p.m. Jan. 7 at a home in the 8300 block of Clear Path Drive. The homeowner said someone forced open a sliding glass door, stole electronics and went through all the rooms in the house. Police said the burglary is still under investigation.

* A man reported at 2 p.m. Jan. 9 the spare tire to his truck was stolen while the vehicle was parked in front of his house in the first block of Rosehill Road.

* Police arrested a man for shoplifting Jan. 10 at a business in the 2700 block of Taylor Road Extension. Loss prevention employees told police the man pushed a cart full of of merchandise valued at $446 past the last point of sale and struggled with employees when they tried to stop him at the door.

Police reports said he acknowledged he had received a previous warning not to be at the business, but asked if he could receive a summons instead of going to jail. He said he was a crack user and stole the items "just to get by" and would like help with his drug problem.

The reporting officer said the man has "an extensive criminal history." Police transported him to the Franklin County jail.

* Police were dispatched on another shoplifting complaint Jan. 10 at a business in the 6900 block of East Main Street. A loss prevention employee had a woman in custody who complained to police that she had been stopped inside the store and that no one waited for her to get outside the store.

An employee said the woman purchased items with a food stamp card, but placed other items -- including diapers, a magazine and toilet paper worth a total of $53.87 -- under the card that she did not pay for as she checked out. The woman told police "maybe I was going to the pharmacy and was going to pay for the items there."

The officer asked her if that were the case and according to the report, she answered, "No, but let's just say." Police took her to the Reynoldsburg police station.

* Officers responded to a theft in progress report at 4:18 a.m. Jan. 4 at a business in the 2700 block of Taylor Road Extension. Police said a 15-year-old boy was going through the business, removing security tags from miscellaneous merchandise.

The reporting officer said he waited at the front entrance while security personnel tracked the boy, who was then stopped when he pushed a cart full of merchandise worth $47.70 past all points of sale.

Police said they released the boy into the custody of his mother, but the business is expected to file charges through the Fairfield County Prosecutor's Office.