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City, schools to share services of HR manager


Reynoldsburg's city administration and the school district will share the services of a human resources manager in what both sides view as a win-win cost-cutting arrangement.

Reynoldsburg Mayor Brad McCloud said Superintendent Steve Dackin reached out to him with the idea after the school district hired Bryan Buoni in January.

"We are working on an agreement that would include an hourly breakdown," McCloud said. "The school district would keep track of Mr. Buoni's actual number of hours for the city and we would reimburse them."

McCloud said Reynoldsburg has been without a human resources officer for the past two years.

"Our labor council fees have gone up substantially because we did not have a human resources manager in house," he said. "The school district hired an outstanding individual and we are working out an agreement to occasionally share that individual and possibly looking forward to more shared services in the future."

Councilman Chris Long said a shared position makes financial sense.

"In today's financial climate, any time we can share a resource makes sense," he said. "Sharing 50 percent of what a human resources officer would cost us is good."

Tricia Moore, director of partnerships and shared services for the school district, said Buoni "has been a great addition to Reynoldsburg Schools and fills an important role in the district."

She said Buoni's annual salary is $86,000.

Buoni was a human resources director for Columbus City Schools for five years and has eight years prior experience in human resources, including in state government. He earned a master's degree in labor and human resources from Ohio State University and currently serves as an adjunct faculty member at Franklin University.

"There are several benefits to sharing this position for both the city and school district," Moore said. "It's a natural fit because there are similarities in structure between city government and school districts. Bryan's prior experience and expertise will serve both organizations well.

"Shared services also allow both organizations to benefit from a higher degree of expertise at a lower cost," she said. "The arrangement increases the opportunity for collaboration and will contribute to the further development of our shared services model."

Buoni said he welcomes the challenge of taking on the dual position.

"I think this is a tremendous opportunity to leverage talent between entities that have similar needs and requirements, especially at a time when school districts and city governments are feeling the impact of reduced resources," he said. "This requires leadership to think differently about how best to utilize skills while maintaining high levels of customer service."

Buoni said Reynoldsburg City Schools' partnerships and shared services have become models for other districts.

"Reynoldsburg is again leading the way with a model that makes sense and is financially responsible," he said. "I look for other school districts and government structures to follow suit in the future."

The district has collaborated with Mount Carmel Health Systems, Columbus State Community College, BalletMet and other local organizations for a community health center and student and community classes.