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'Green' parking lot proposed at Reynoldsburg senior center


Parks and Recreation Department Director Joe Brown wants to see a "green" parking lot installed at the Reynoldsburg Senior Citizens Center and he's hoping to obtain an Ohio EPA grant to pay for most of the work.

Brown asked Reynoldsburg City Council's community development committee March 18 for permission to apply for the $80,171 grant. His request will go before the full council for a first reading March 25.

He wrote in his proposal that the parking lot at the senior center, 1520 Davidson Drive, "is in terrible condition and not getting any better or safer for the community it supports ... This facility/parking surface serves as a major assembling point for multiple large scale community events throughout the year as well."

He said the EPA grant would cover 60 percent of the estimated cost of the project. The city's share would be $53,447.

Brown said Kurt Keljo, watershed coordinator for the Franklin Soil & Water Conservation District, would write the grant and work with him and City Engineer Matt Lambert on the project.

The proposed parking lot system at the senior center would allow rainwater to pass through the parking surface so as much water as possible could soak into the ground.

Brown said in his proposal that the benefits to the city not only would include aesthetically improving the parking lot but also the opportunity to test and demonstrate "green infrastructure" in Reynoldsburg.

He said the city could also get Franklin County and national green infrastructure recognition.

Included in the proposal was information from the Ohio EPA that stated uncontrolled runoff from storms might be "a serious contributor of nonpoint source pollutants to some of Ohio's streams."

Eligible projects for the grant include retrofitting public parking areas with permeable pavement, installing small-scale "green" roofs on public buildings, creating large public rain gardens, stormwater treatment wetlands and rainwater harvesting and reuse systems in public buildings.

The March 25 council meeting will start at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall, 7232 E. Main St.