Reynoldsburg News

Recreation baseball, softball restructuring under way

The Reynoldsburg Parks and Recreation Department is restructuring its youth baseball and softball leagues, with the department participating under the Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken Division for the summer season.

With the program, the department will be able to host district and state tournaments, form all-star teams and send them to compete against other municipalities while representing the city of Reynoldsburg, and also add a proven model in youth baseball/softball to enhance what is offered.

For baseball, the kindergarten/first grade Coed T-ball program will remain unchanged. Former second-grade leagues will become the 8U (Rookie) Division, former third- and fourth-grade leagues will become the 10U (Minor) Division, former fifth- and sixth-grade leagues will become the 12U (Major) Division and former seventh- and eighth-grade leagues will become the 15U (Babe Ruth) Division.

For softball, former second- and third-grade leagues will become the U10 Division, former fourth- and fifth-grade leagues will become the U12 Division and former sixth- through eighth-grade leagues will become the U15 Division.

For more information, call the department at 614-322-6806.