Reynoldsburg police followed footprints in the snow last week to catch two burglars red-handed with electronics and other items stolen from parked cars.

Reynoldsburg police followed footprints in the snow last week to catch two burglars red-handed with electronics and other items stolen from parked cars.

The reporting officer said he was dispatched at 1 a.m. March 25 to the area of Olivetree Court on a suspicious activity complaint. Witnesses reported seeing two men walking car to car, wiping the snow off windows to look inside the vehicles.

The officer said he saw two sets of footprints on Rosetree Drive leading from car to car and followed the footprints west to Brice Road, then north to Forrester Way, to Rosehill Road, to Rugosa Avenue, to Hunt Valley Drive and to Rosedale Avenue.

"The entire way that I followed the footprints, they led up to cars parked on the street and in driveways and all had the snow wiped off of windows," the officer wrote in his report.

He said the footprints also went up to and into an open garage in the 500 block of Hunt Valley Drive.

The officer reported he found the suspects inside a Ford Mustang parked in front of a residence in the 6600 block of Rosedale. He said the man sitting in the driver's seat had an open backpack with electronic items inside. A black pellet gun was wedged in between the passenger seat and center console.

After matching the suspects' shoes with the footprints, the officer asked the two men if they had broken into the vehicles. Both said they had only looked in the windows, but officers found numerous electronic items in their possession, including a laptop computer, a radar detector and several GPS units.

Both men were arrested and charged with receiving stolen property and possessing criminal tools.

In other recent incident reports from the Reynoldsburg Police Department:

* A school resource officer walked into a boys restroom at at Encore Academy, 8579 Summit Road, at 12:25 p.m. March 25 and discovered two boys in possession of marijuana in a prescription pill bottle, along with a bag of change.

One of the boys admitted he was trying to sell the marijuana in the school bathroom, police reports said. The other student admitted he had brought the change from home to buy the marijuana.

The school principal began paperwork to suspend both students, according to the police report. The boy who admitted to trying to sell the marijuana was charged with a fourth-degree felony through Franklin County Juvenile Court for trafficking drugs.

* A car crash led to the arrest of an intoxicated man on charges of drug abuse, illegal use and possession of drug paraphernalia and criminal simulation March 24 at Brice Road and Merchants Drive.

The reporting officer said he was dispatched to an injury accident and found a man inside the crashed vehicle refusing to unlock the doors to let medics inside to check his condition.

The officer said firefighters broke in through the driver's side rear window to gain entry into the vehicle, but the man grabbed the collar of one of the medics, so the officer restrained him to keep him from assaulting the medic. The medics said the man was not hurt, just intoxicated.

The officer found a clear plastic bag containing marijuana in the center console, a digital scale, plastic bags and an envelope containing counterfeit and real bills adding up to $320. The man was transported to Franklin County jail.

* Police arrested a woman who reportedly was using her three children to help her shoplift at 9:18 p.m. March 27 at a business in the 2700 block of Taylor Road. The loss prevention manager said he saw one of the children take a hoodie, put it on and tear the tag off, then followed the other children to another department, where they began taking items and concealing them in bags.

The three children were stopped when they tried to leave with the items and the woman was stopped when she tried to use a different exit, according to the report. The woman told the officer her children "must have stolen the items" in her bag.

A search of the her car revealed more than 16 additional items with price tags still attached, police said. The items were confiscated by police to determine if they were stolen and the children were released to their grandmother.

The mother was transported to the Reynoldsburg Police Department for processing.