A Reynoldsburg policeman had to explain to a driver May 9 that he could not grant a presidential pardon.

A Reynoldsburg policeman had to explain to a driver May 9 that he could not grant a presidential pardon.

The officer said he stopped a car that went left of center May 9 at East Main Street and Interstate 270. He said five separate license suspensions had been issued for the driver, so the officer had to confiscate his license plates. The officer said the driver refused to exit his vehicle and then asked for a "presidential pardon."

"I explained that I was not the president and could not grant that request," the officer said.

After being handcuffed and arrested, the man told the officer he was "going to get out of jail and kill (him) at least three times, then would apologize," reports said.

A search of the car revealed a small bag of marijuana. The man was arrested on charges of no operating license, driving under suspension and drug abuse.

In other recent Reynoldsburg police reports:

* A Reynoldsburg mother told police her children were assaulted by juveniles shooting pellet guns.

Officers said the mother reported that juveniles were having "a pellet-gun war" at about 5 p.m. May 9 in the 7000 block of Trillium Drive.

One of the officers said he spoke with juveniles near that location who admitted to playing with the pellet guns but not shooting at anyone.

"I explained to both of the juveniles the concept of their actions could constitute an assault," he said.

He said another mother brought her son to talk to police after she became aware of her his actions. The officer told the boy he could be charged with assault, then collected two pellet guns for disposal.

* A shoplifter jumped in his car and ran over a loss-prevention employee's foot May 5 at a business in the 2700 block of Taylor Road. Police said the employee tried to stop the man from stealing DVDs and tried to grab him as he jumped into the bed of a pickup truck. The driver of the truck fled the area, running over the employee's right foot, reports said. Police were unable to locate the vehicle.

* Police responded to a call from fire medics May 7 that a woman was being uncooperative when they tried to tend to her seizure-type symptoms at a business in the 2700 block of Taylor Road. The medics said the woman kept disrobing and was "fighting (and) trying to bite fire medics assisting her." The officer said medics told him that the woman sat up on a table and took off her shirt and her bra, exposing herself.

The officer said he explained to the woman that she had to either go with medics or he would have to arrest her for public indecency. He said she refused to go with medics, so he arrested her. She was transported to the Franklin County jail.

* Police were dispatched May 7 to a business in the 1900 block of Reynoldsburg-New Albany Road on a report of two females fighting. The reporting officer said a woman who was obviously intoxicated told him another woman approached her and said, "You think you're so beautiful" and then started hitting her. She then asked the officer for a hug, reports said.

The officer declined and the woman told him her civil rights had been violated and she wanted to call an attorney. He said she began making random comments and cursing, then changed her story and said a man had struck her, according to reports.

Because she continued to raise her voice and curse, the officer said he took her into custody for disorderly intoxication. She was issued a summons into Reynoldsburg Mayor's Court for disorderly conduct.