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City leaders take on Friendly Basketball League


Residents will get a chance to watch city leaders shoot hoops against a local youth basketball league Saturday when Reynoldsburg City Councilman Barth Cotner, Parks and Recreation Department Director Joe Brown and other city dignitaries take on the Civic Park Friendly Basketball League.

Cotner said donations to support the league would be welcome at the game.

The game begins at noon June 15 at Civic Park, 6801 Daugherty Drive.

Cotner said the youth league is run by the Rev. David Akers.

"The kids from this league actually just all pitched in during the Reynoldsburg Community Cleanup Day," he said. "I'm happy to see kids doing work like this and adults taking on the extra effort to help get these kids involved in positive activities."

Cotner said Brown, a former Ohio State University athlete, will be recruiting other former Buckeyes for the game.

He said the Reynoldsburg-Pickerington Rotary Club has supported the basketball league in the past, paying for T-shirts and other supplies.

"The league is free and now partnered with the city of Reynoldsburg as far as providing a place to play," Cotner said. "Rev. Akers runs the league during the late spring and summer months."

Cotner said the basketball program is for kids in the community who are typically from disadvantaged situations, such as low-income or single-parent families. Many are from the Postwoods neighborhood, which is close to Civic Park, he said.

"Rev. Akers has run this league for several years," he said. "He and I are trying to do this game for the kids and their coaches, to try to show the kids we value them and their program."

Cotner said the students who participate in the league range from kindergarten age through high school.