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Reynoldsburg's 2014 budget changed little from last year


Reynoldsburg City Council unanimously approved a 2014 tax budget July 8 that City Auditor Richard Harris said includes modest general fund increases similar to last year's.

"The 2014 city budget has very similar numbers to last year's tax budget, as it continues what the city has done in the past," he said. "There is a very small increase, 3 to 3.5 percent, in general funds.

"There are no major construction projects or other added expenditures," he said.

The city's actual total revenue for 2012 was $14,008,320 and actual expenditures for 2012 amounted to $13,489,570, Harris said.

He said Reynoldsburg's estimated total expenditures for 2013 are $14,056,104 compared to estimated revenue of $12,995,550.

With expenditures estimated to exceed revenue this year, the budget shortfall would be $1,060,554, but that is offset by a carryover of funds.

The budget numbers for 2014 show estimated total revenue of $14,347,594 and anticipated expenditures of $14,472,242. A general fund deficit of $124,648 is expected to be offset by a carryover balance, for an estimated ending unencumbered balance of $2,227,870.

Harris said prior to Monday's council meeting that the 2014 budget is "not cast in stone."

"Once the council passes it, the numbers could still change," he said.

Mayor Brad McCloud has said previously that Reynoldsburg's annual budget is "tens of millions" less than other cities of the same size.

He said administrators would "make do" with what the city has now, "but when I see that our budget is $14 million and Gahanna's is $25 million, I know we are just treading water and falling behind."