Reynoldsburg residents may now pay their water bills online instead of dropping a check in the mail or in the City Hall drop box.

Reynoldsburg residents may now pay their water bills online instead of dropping a check in the mail or in the City Hall drop box.

Service Director Nathan Burd said the city's new website includes features that allow for online payments.

"We wanted to provide an online water bill payment option because it is convenient for residents," he said. "Previously, residents had to mail in a payment or pay in person at City Hall. Now they can pay from home and we think many people prefer that option."

He said it is also easier and faster for the city to process an online payment, "so it is a beneficial feature for all involved."

The website was updated earlier this year, after Reynoldsburg City Council approved a $30,000 contract with AFS WEB in November. The contract covered a complete redesign of the website and included a monthly fee of $560 to AFS for support fees for two years.

The city website is at

"We are notified of online payments instantly, so it won't be a problem for residents who wait until the last day to pay," Burd said. "The system has been tested numerous times and many residents have paid their bill online in the last week."

He said anyone with a question or concern about an online payment or their account should call the water department at 614-322-6811.

Burd said electronic billing is the next feature the water department has on tap to make things easier.

"This will allow residents to sign up to receive their bills electronically and eliminate the need for a mailed bill," he said. "This will be very helpful for the city because it will cut expenses and further increase convenience for residents wishing to participate."

Burd said the department hopes to have electronic billing available in the near future.

"Nobody will be required to sign up for electronic billing, but we expect that many residents will choose to," he said.

Burd said the Parks and Recreation Department has also made online registration possible on its web page for sports leagues, camps and other programs.

"Many important forms, including building permits, are available to be downloaded from the city's new website," he said. "I would encourage residents to visit the site often because we are always adding news and updates and will continue to explore additional services that can be provided online."

Reynoldsburg City Council approved an increase in water and sewer rates Feb. 25, increasing water rates by an additional $1 per 1,000 gallons of water use and sewer rates by 50 cents per 1,000 gallons of use.

That raise was a capital improvement project fee, expected to generate about $1.3 million to repair broken and damaged water and sewer lines.

Water rates were previously raised by 6 percent and sewer rates by 4 percent in January, to cover additional charges by the city of Columbus, from which Reynoldsburg obtains its water.