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Reynoldsburg meets all 24 standards but doesn't earn all A's


The Ohio Department of Education's new letter-grade report card shows Reynoldsburg City Schools earning an A for meeting all 24 state standards, but the district did not earn top grades on all of the new components.

The Ohio Department of Education released new state report card data Aug. 22.

A system of letter grades replaced ratings like “excellent with distinction,” which Reynoldsburg earned on last year’s state report card.

The district’s Performance Index score was 100.9, meaning the district received a B grade for that component.

On overall Value Added, which measures how much academic progress students make over the course of the year, the district earned an A.

The grade for gifted value added was much lower, though, with the district scoring a D grade. The grade for disabled students’ value added was C, and for students in the lowest 20 percent, the value-added grade was B.

Annual measurable objectives, a category that replaces adequate yearly progress on this year’s report card, measures how student ethnic groups and students with disabilities met state benchmark scores. The district scored a B overall for AMO.

In both four-year and five-year graduation rates, Reynoldsburg scored a B.

Beginning with the 2015 state report card, new components will be added, and the average of those grades will become a district’s overall grade.