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Open enrollment paying off for Reynoldsburg schools


Superintendent Steve Dackin is crediting the Reynoldsburg school district’s open enrollment policy with helping keep the district off the ballot.

Reporting to the Reynoldsburg Board of Education Aug. 19, Dackin said the second year of open enrollment may bring in more than $2.2 million.

He said about 400 students are taking advantage of the program this year; that number includes returning students who were in the program last year.

Each student who enrolls in the tuition-free open enrollment program from outside the Reynoldsburg district brings in approximately $5,700 in state aid dollars.

“Families are coming to Reynoldsburg schools,” Dackin said.

He said last year’s open enrollment program was limited because it was a pilot year.

“This year we opened it up more,” he said. “We also have about 40 applications still pending, so we could end up with more than 400 in open enrollment for this school year.”

He said applications were not accepted after the first day of school, which was Aug. 19.

Last year, 195 students were in the open enrollment program.

“If we get to 450 students in open enrollment, that would bring in well over $2 million and could be close to what 4 mills of property taxes would generate for the school district,” Dackin said. “The program could help keep us off the ballot longer.”

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