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Reynoldsburg: Students say man tried to pick them up on Rosehill

Reynoldsburg police are investigating reports of a man in a car trying to pick up two children, a boy and a girl, on separate occasions as they walked home from Rose Hill Elementary School, 760 Rosehill Road, Aug. 20 and 21.

Principal Maria Manzola called police after a school crossing guard reported two elementary students said a suspicious man in a blue Toyota told them to "Get in the car now!" as they were each walking home from school on Rosehill Road, according to the police report.

The reporting officer said the boy gave him a detailed description of the driver of the car, stating he was a white male with a goatee and mustache, wearing a black knit cap on backward and a white undershirt. He had some type of tattoo on his upper left arm.

The boy said he yelled "no" at the driver and ran away from the car, then noticed the car turning west on a side street from Rosehill Road.

The officer said he had not yet able to talk to the girl involved in the incident on Aug. 21 but that the report would remain under investigation.

In other police reports:

* A man waving a small silver handgun walked into Waffle House, 2160 Brice Road, at 9:49 p.m. Aug. 17 and demanded money. The reporting officer obtained statements from five witnesses, including an employee, who said she gave the man $233 in cash.

The man fled west across Brice Road, according to the witness statements.

The employee said the man was wearing mostly black, with a red bandanna on his face.

* Police arrested a man who asked if he could have his marijuana pipe back "because it belonged to his grandfather who passed away." The reporting officer said he was on patrol at 6 p.m. Aug. 19 at Pine Quarry Park, 8000 Kingsley Drive, when he saw five young men congregating around a downed tree, south of the Kingsley-Addison parking lot.

The officer found the men trying to conceal bags containing marijuana and a multicolored smoking pipe with marijuana residue. After one man was arrested on charges of possessing drug paraphernalia, he told the officer he needed to smoke the drug because he was ill.

According to the police report, the man then "went on a rant, adamantly defending marijuana users ... and asked if he could have his pipe back as it belonged to his grandfather who passed away."

The man was conveyed to the city jail and later transported to the Franklin County Correctional Center, because an outstanding warrant had been issued for his arrest and he was unable to post bond.

* Police charged a man with menacing and criminal damaging at 3 p.m. Aug. 17 in the 1500 block of Davidson Drive after he grabbed another man, "shook his shoulders" and crumbled a sign the man was holding that was meant to educate voters about Internet cafes.

The reporting officer said the man holding the sign said the attacker told him, "If I ever see you after this around the neighborhood, something bad is going to happen to you because I know your face."

After interviewing witnesses, the officer approached the man who was identified as the attacker, who told the officer he works for a company that saves jobs in Ohio and was gathering signatures at the Tomato Festival. He claimed the man holding the sign was following behind him and calling him names. The officer said only one of the man's co-workers was willing to give a statement in his defense.

* An officer warned a woman she would be charged with harboring a pit bull dog within city limits at 6:15 p.m. Aug. 20 at a residence in the 6300 block of Birchview Drive South. The woman at first told the officer she did not own the dog, but was watching it for her son. She later admitted she does own the animal.

The officer said he had given the woman a verbal warning to remove the dog from the city two months ago. He told the woman she had seven days to remove the dog.