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Five days on the job

Reynoldsburg's new council clerk just quit


Reynoldsburg’s new council clerk turned in her keys and resigned after only five days.

City Council President Doug Joseph confirmed that Teresa Veit has submitted a letter of resignation and walked out Sept. 18.

Veit was appointed to the position Sept. 3 after council members considered 41 other applicants. Her first day was Sept. 12.

A Reynoldsburg resident, Veit had worked for the city nine years ago in the building and zoning department. For the past seven years, she had worked as an administrative assistant in the city of Upper Arlington’s development department.

Councilman Mel Clemens said council will meet in executive session Monday, Sept. 23, to discuss the sudden vacancy and perhaps consider other applicants.

"I knew Teresa really well, since she worked for our city before," Clemens said. "I hated to see that she left. It was a lot of work for one person, with not much help, but I figured it could take months for her to learn everything. We had planned on hiring a full-time assistant clerk.”

He said the city likely wouldn't advertise again for the position, as officials still have the original 41 applications.

“We had narrowed the list down to 12 applicants we liked the most, so we have people on that list who would want the job and who we could hire as assistant clerks,” he said. "I thought Teresa was doing a good job. I didn’t expect her to know everything all at once."

Clemens said former council clerk Nancy Frazier "basically ran the city."

"Nancy was with us more than 26 years, and she pretty much knew everything," he said.

Frazier retired from the position July 30.

Veit couldn't be reached for comment.