A Reynoldsburg man trying to run from three robbers tripped over his own pants when his belt broke and his pants fell down.

A Reynoldsburg man trying to run from three robbers tripped over his own pants when his belt broke and his pants fell down.

The man said he was "hanging out" between 1 and 1:30 a.m. outside the apartment complex at 6300 Century City South when he was approached by three black men, according to the police report. He said one man pulled out a chrome .380-caliber Cobra handgun and pointed it at his head.

The victim said he grabbed the gun and began to struggle with the man holding it, then one of the other men pulled out a black High Point handgun.

The victim said he turned to run away, but his belt broke and his pants fell down and he tripped to the ground. He said the three men caught him and pointed the guns at his face, then went through his pockets, stealing his wallet containing $10 cash, his identification cards, a gold Fossil brand watch and two cell phones.

He told police the men fled north through the apartment complex after robbing him.

In other Reynoldsburg police reports:

* A man said he was confronted by two men who demanded money as he was walking home at 12:43 a.m. Sept. 7 near the 7600 block of North Oakbrook Drive. He said the men ran up to him "in a threatening manner" and one man said, "You know what time it is -- where's the money at?"

The man said he ran away as fast as he could and was able to lose them and run to his residence, where he called police. He described the men as black, around 17 to 20 years old, wearing dark clothing. One wore a white bandanna over his face and a baseball cap worn backward.

The reporting officer said police searched the area but could not find the suspects.

* A driver told police he saw a nude 2-year-old boy running down the street at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 9 in the 6600 block of East Livingston Avenue.

The reporting officer said while searching the area, he saw the child walking with two older children and asked the children where the toddler lived. When the officer knocked on the front door of the residence the children pointed at, no one answered, but the door was not secure, so the officer walked in and heard the television "at an extremely high level of volume."

Since no one answered the officer's calls, another officer was dispatched and they later searched the house, finding a mother and child in bed asleep.

The mother finally woke up and said the knob is broken on her door. She said it wasn't the first time her 2-year-old son got out but she usually catches him before he makes it off the sidewalk. The officers advised the mother that she needs to purchase a child lock for the front door and contact maintenance personnel to fix the door.

* Two 15-year-old high school students were charged with disorderly conduct after they threw milk cartons at each other and got into a fight about noon Sept. 12 at Reynoldsburg High School, 6699 E. Livingston Ave.

The school resource officer said one of the boys opened a carton of milk and threw it at the other boy, then the other boy threw back all the remaining food items on his tray.

The officer said the boys began yelling at each other and he and the vice principal had to be separate them. The boy who opened the carton of milk first said the other boy had smashed a partially full milk carton at the lunch table the day before, splashing him with milk, so he had to "get him back."

* Police reported a woman apparently stole a gold-colored Buick after going for a test drive at noon Sept. 10 from a business in the 3200 block of West Broad Street. She left the vehicle at a business in the 6000 block of East Livingston Avenue. From that business, she asked to test-drive a 2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer and never returned the car to the business. Officers wrote a warrant for the woman's arrest and collected information from the car dealers, including a copy of the woman's driver's license.