Reynoldsburg News

Survey will guide future parks and rec decisions


Reynoldsburg residents will be able to weigh in on what kind of parks and recreation programs they want to see by completing a survey being distributed this month.

The survey is posted online at and has been distributed to Reynoldsburg schools for students to take home. It is available on the school district website,

It also may be picked up at the Reynoldsburg Senior Center, 1520 Davidson Drive, and at the Reynoldsburg Municipal Building, 7232 E. Main St.

Parks and Recreation Department Director Joe Brown said the survey will run through Oct. 31.

After that, he said, Ohio State University students studying city and regional planning will compile all the completed surveys into an Excel document.

"This document will go to a group of OSU Ph.D. students who will quantify the results into graphs," Brown said.

"We will largely use this data to gain the pulse of our community with regards to quality-of-life programs and what our community desires in their parks and facilities," he said.

One of the questions asks residents to indicate the priorities they would support with their tax dollars.

The choices include acquisition and conservation of national areas, open space and trails; acquisition of a community center within the city; improvement of neighborhood, community and regional parks; and development of new recreation programs for children, adults and seniors.

Other questions ask if residents are satisfied with the current recreation offerings, what they would like to see more of, reasons that are preventing them from taking advantage of the opportunities, and whether they would support a community center and a city-operated swimming pool.

Brown said his department began work on the document in February.

"We hope that it will validate the direction we need to head in order to create programs that people want," he said.

He said survey results also will let his department know how many people are using certain facilities, such as walking trails and sports fields.

Another question on the survey has residents rate the quality of instructors in parks classes, whether the opportunities are considered affordable and in a convenient location and time, and if there is enough variety in parks and recreation classes.

Residents also are asked how they find out about the department's offerings, such as by picking up a brochure, from a website, from the newspaper, radio, television, social media, friends, etc.

Brown said he hopes to get back 300 to 500 surveys.

"These findings will give our department a great snapshot of how our community perceives their quality-of-life platforms and help us to move our parks and recreation programs and facilities forward in a positive direction," he said.

For more information or to receive a copy of the survey, call the Reynoldsburg Parks and Recreation Department at 614-322-6806.