The Greater Columbus Arts Council has launched a new fundraising campaign to support more than 30 arts and cultural projects in central Ohio.

The Greater Columbus Arts Council has launched a new fundraising campaign to support more than 30 arts and cultural projects in central Ohio.

On Oct. 17, the GCAC joined a movement, which is gaining traction in communities throughout the U.S., to help bring concerts, plays, arts education and other cultural projects to the area through

The local program is an offshoot of the Charlotte, N.C.-based Arts & Science Council's power2give campaign. Since August 2011, that effort has raised more than $3.5 million to support arts and cultural projects in 17 communities throughout the U.S.

The GCAC's program includes a coalition with the city of Columbus and nonprofit and corporate partners such as the Columbus Foundation, CardinalHealth, JP Morgan Chase Foundation, PNC and Loann Crane.

Those partners will provide up to $60,000 in matching funds for more than 30 central Ohio arts and cultural projects.

"The point of power2give is to mobilize that individual donor base," said Jami Goldstein, a GCAC spokeswoman. "We want to help provide resources to the broader community, and this is another way we can support the broader Franklin County area with our resources."

A full list of the projects, nonprofit organizations and events that GCAC hopes to support is available online at

It includes campaigns to support the New Albany Arts Council's newly established children's chorus, the New Albany Center Stage Singers, and a program hosted by the council to introduce children to the world of theater called "Broadway Stars in the Making!"

Other campaigns will provide funds to aid regional efforts such as bringing computers to the Ohio Hispanic Coalition and helping foster workshops at the Columbus Children's Theatre and the Franklin Park Conservatory.

Additionally, the Upper Arlington Cultural Arts Division's power2give is expected to generate $8,000 in donations to bring the Columbus Jazz Orchestra to town next July as part of Upper Arlington's "Music in the Park" series.

"The Greater Columbus Arts Council really is making an effort to put the 'greater' in Greater Columbus Arts Council," Upper Arlington Parks and Recreation Department director Tim Moloney said. "They want to reach out and work with suburban communities.

"Power2give is a neat effort. That's the GCAC's tool to broker great causes."

The GCAC's power2give campaign will extend through Jan. 11.

Goldstein said the GCAC was eager to join the campaign because it supports arts and cultural projects, and because it's an "innovative and creative" way to engage new audiences and secure wider funding.

She noted that donation trends show giving from people with higher net worth is down, but more people are contributing smaller gifts to fundraisers.

Additionally, Goldstein said, the Internet now appears to be the preferred fundraising venue.

"Clearly, this is the new frontier," she said. "We want transparency by the organizations and we want people to understand exactly where these proceeds are going.

"On the site ... you can filter if you want just arts education projects, or if you want dance projects or what have you. You can search for projects by keyword."

Additional information about power2give is available online at, at and at