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Capstone projects

High school seniors searching for community connections

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A recent informational exhibit at Reynoldsburg's HS2 Academy was designed to be the first step in connecting students with the community.

Linda Young, school media specialist/librarian, said the event was designed to help seniors identify areas within the community to research as possible subjects of their required capstone projects.

Participants included representatives from the Helping Hands food pantry, Kiddie Academy, Vineyard Church, the Reynoldsburg Historical Society, the Reynoldsburg branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library, the Livingston House Society and others.

Young said the exhibit highlighted ways community organizations and businesses are working to make a difference in Reynoldsburg and central Ohio.

"We hope to assist seniors to identify areas of need within their community and inspire them to join in the effort to make their community a better place," she said.

Young said the seniors will choose the organizations they want to research for their projects and will work throughout the rest of the school year to devise solutions and suggestions for that organization to include in their capstone projects.

She said other organizations involved in the exhibit at the academy included Joseph's Coat, the Reynoldsburg Area Chamber of Commerce, Reynoldsburg Magazine, the Tomato Festival and the Reynoldsburg Community Association.

"The students drive by the Livingston House all the time, but many of them have no idea what it is or what it represents," she said.

Mary Hudson, from the Reynoldsburg Area Chamber of Commerce, said she helped to bring in the organizations, which all set up information tables in the school library.

"The students came through and talked to us, asking questions about our organizations," she said. "I thought it was great to have the opportunity to spend with the kids.

"I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think it was beneficial for the kids and for us."

Young said she attended a conference a few weeks ago that stressed trying to connect students with their own communities.

"Thoughts at the conference were that we are losing the connection between school and community and community members to their city," she said. "When I saw that the senior capstone was to connect these groups with students, I knew this was something I could initiate."