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City will replace water line and repair sewers


Reynoldsburg City Council unanimously approved an ordinance as emergency legislation March 24 that appropriates $39,695 from the water capital improvement program (CIP) account to replace the Lucks Road water line in the Huber subdivision.

Reynoldsburg Water Superintendent Mike Root said the entire project is expected to cost about $485,000, which will be appropriated from the CIP account.

The work should cause minimal disruption for residents and likely won't begin until August or September, he said.

Root said the city will replace 1,700 linear feet of a six-inch water main with an eight-inch water main.

"The legislation allows us to enter into a contract with EMH&T to do an engineering survey and bidding for the project," he said.

He said the water main has been a source of multiple breaks.

"We have quite a few leaky areas in the city, with some of the oldest water lines in the Huber and Brookside subdivisions," he said.

Root said the city replaced the first part of the Lucks Road water line in 2012. This year's project area will run from Roselawn Avenue to the north part of Lucks Road, then from Rygate Drive to Retton Road.

"The water main there currently is old, six-inch cast iron," he said. "We will replace it with brand new, eight-inch PVC and install brand new taps and fire hydrants."

Residents began paying $1.50 for each 1,000 gallons of water and sewage use as a CIP fee last summer. Funds collected by the fee are specifically earmarked to cover water and sewer line replacement costs.

The fee added an average of about $19.50 more per quarter to most residents' water bills, Service Director Nathan Burd said.

Root said streets will not be closed during the replacement work, but some sidewalks will have to "be ripped up and replaced."

"We will make sure residents can get in and out of their driveways, but may ask that people temporarily not park on the road," he said.

He said the project should be complete by November.


Sewer line project

Council members also approved legislation to appropriate $22,468 to pay EMH&T for preliminary engineering, bidding preparation and estimation of construction costs for sewer line repair through the city's capacity management operation and maintenance program.

That project will reline sewer lines in the Brookside subdivision, at Lebanon Road on both sides and at Gilmore Drive, Brian Road, Roshon Avenue and Sunview Road.

The entire project is expected to cost about $207,745.

"We know there have been some cracks in the pipes and issues that need to be fixed," Root said.

He said the sewer lines will be relined by pulling liners out of existing manholes.

"We will have some equipment to set up in front of houses and will drop off letters to ask people not to use a whole lot of water that day, because we have to partially plug up sewers to get to the liners," he said.

The liners are pulled out of the manholes, then pressurized and "cured" before being pushed back into the sewer lines, Root said.

"We will be redoing the manholes as well," he said.

Root said work should begin on the sewer lines in late August or early September.