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Reynoldsburg: Men charged with prostitution after gender mix-up

Two men were charged with prostitution after Reynoldsburg police determined that one man attempted to stab the other with a kitchen knife as a result of a gender mix-up involving an illegal transaction for "a massage."

The reporting officer said a man reported March 7 that "a female" stole money from him at a residence in the 6900 block of Greenleaf Road. The man said he arranged to meet a woman for the first time that day after corresponding with her on Craigslist and that when he paid her $100 for a massage, he found out she was actually a man.

He told police when he demanded his money back, the man who deceived him threatened to stab him with a knife.

The man providing the massage said he advertises on Craiglist as a transvestite searching for males. Both men were cited on prostitution charges and the knife was confiscated.

In other Reynoldsburg police reports:

• Three officers struggled to arrest a man who allegedly had attempted to choke his girlfriend at 12:09 a.m. March 19 at a residence in the 1700 block of Woodview Court West. The reporting officer said he provided backup to another officer who "was in a standing struggle" to get the man on the ground.

Three officers managed to force the man to the ground and "bounced off a nearby vehicle," according to the police report. They were able to get the man face down on the ground and handcuff him. The reporting officer found a handgun in the man's vehicle.

The man denied choking his girlfriend. He was charged with resisting arrest and obstructing official business, then transported to the Franklin County jail.

• An officer responded to a complaint about an aggressive dog at 5 p.m. March 10 at a residence in 6700 block of Bordeaux Court. The homeowner told police a tan-colored pit bull had aggressively charged him while he was in his yard. He said he began to draw his handgun from his holster because he has a concealed-carry permit and "is not afraid to use his gun."

Then, according to the police report, he said, "To his surprise, the dog just wanted to play." The officer talked to security personnel and tracked the dog to Nice Court, where the owner said the 9-month-old dog is 100-percent pit bull. Paperwork from her veterinarian classified the dog as "pit bull mix." She said the dog had gotten loose from the back patio area. She was warned to remove the dog from the city or she would be cited.

• Police received an anonymous complaint at 5:54 p.m. March 14 that a resident in the 1200 block of Carlyle Drive was harboring two pit bulls in her backyard. The owner told police officer the dogs are Staffordshire terriers and were in their cages. The officer warned the man he would have to remove the dogs from the city or be cited.

• Police responded to complaint at 7:30 p.m. March 14 that a pit bull was being kept at a residence in the 6900 block of Wigwam Way. The reporting officer said a large pit bull started barking at him and had his paws on the window sill. According to the police report, "The dog appeared to be vicious as even out of view, the dog was aggressively barking at a child playing next door."

The officer talked to the dog's owner at 9:45 p.m. that day; she said her dog is not a pit bull, but a boxer/Weimeraner mix. The officer contacted the Franklin County Dog warden to check out a registration violation about the dog.

• Police responded to an anonymous complaint at 5 p.m. March 14 that people were harboring and breeding pit bulls at a home in the 7000 block of Tomahawk Trail. The reporting officer said the homeowner indicated her husband owns two pit bulls that had 11 puppies.

When the officer talked to her husband, the man said he needed to sell the puppies for profit to pay for his schooling. He was warned to remove the two adult dogs and the puppies from the city or he would be cited.

• Thieves are stealing complete sets of tires from parked vehicles and in some cases, leaving the vehicles propped on blocks.

According to Reynoldsburg police, a man reported all four tires were stolen from his car sometime before 10 a.m. March 14 in the 7100 block of Elmbrook Court. He said he found his blue Buick up on blocks at 10 a.m., missing its tires and wheels. He said he had bought the tires the day before. He said the tires were worth about $288.

A similar theft occurred before 10:23 a.m. March 20 at a residence in the 2000 block of Stoney Court, police reported. A woman said she parked her 2000 Nissan Altima in the parking lot and later found the right rear passenger tire and rim were missing, with a red paver holding up the car. She said the tire was new.

Another tire theft occurred between 6:30 p.m. March 19 and 6:30 a.m. March 20 at a home in the 1700 block of Brice Road. A woman told police she found all four tires missing from her 2000 Honda Accord, which had been left on blocks.