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'Heartbleed' prompts Reynoldsburg to suspend online payments


Caution over a “Heartbleed bug” caused the city of Reynoldsburg to suspend online payments for water bills and for Parks and Recreation registration Friday, April 11.

Director of Computer Services Scott Teeters said the computer bug is not a virus, but is a “vulnerability.”

“This was a proactive decision until we can make sure residents are not at risk when they make online payments,” Teeters said. “It is not a virus, but is a widespread vulnerability.”

He said the vulnerability affects Open SSL, which is a method many websites use to encrypt passwords and sensitive material such as bank account information.

“Basically, it would allow someone else to see whatever is secure while you are making that payment, if someone is watching at the right time and place,” he said.

Teeters said he expects to make sure the city website and online payment system is secure soon, so it should be up late today and by Saturday, April 12.

He said since the bug is vulnerability for many online systems, residents may want to contact their banks to make sure their systems are secure.