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Shooting near bus stop brings charges, mental evaluation


A Reynoldsburg resident who fired a gun at a passing vehicle near a school bus stop at David and Wollam avenues was charged with a first-degree misdemeanor and taken to OhioHealth Grant Medical Center for an evaluation after he repeatedly told police he believed the "Mexican Mafia" was after him.

According to Reynoldsburg police, a man waiting for his children near the bus stop at 2:55 p.m. Friday, April 25, said he saw the armed resident run out of a house on David Avenue, fire twice at a black Ford Ranger truck that drove by, then run back into the house.

Officer Matthew Sunday said Reynoldsburg police surrounded the house and could see the armed man standing at a window then at a door on the north side of the house.

"I heard officers shouting orders to come out and show hands to a male suspect," Sunday wrote in the police report.

He said the 28-year-old man came out of the house and was handcuffed and contained by officers.

"(Another officer) and I went to the north door, which was now open and called out for anyone else in the home to come out with their hands up," Sunday said. "Two females exited the residence. Officer (Tony) Hines was able to identify the homeowner who consented to a search of the home."

Sunday said officers found no one else inside, but did find a pistol in a closet under some rugs in the man's room. He also found a shotgun with no stock that had no rounds in the chamber but did have three buckshot rounds in the tube.

In addition, Sunday located one .40-caliber brass casing outside where the man had fired his gun, about 20 feet from the corner of Wollam and David avenues.

While being transported to the Reynoldsburg Police Department, the resident told Sunday he believed "the Mexican Mafia were after him."

"He stated he was protecting himself, which is why he fired his gun," Sunday wrote in the report. "(The suspect) asked if we could patrol the area more, to ward off Mexican Mafia, and wished to speak to a supervisor to ensure this would happen."

Sunday said the man indicated while being questioned that he had thought about suicide and "would go through a range of emotions from anger, to being content, to crying in a matter of seconds."

Police charged him with a first-degree misdemeanor for discharging a deadly weapon within city limits, then took him to Grant for a mental evaluation.