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Committee suggests lifting ban on pit bulls


An ad hoc committee appointed to study Reynoldsburg’s animal laws says the city should drop its ban on pit bulls and should allow residents to keep chickens.

Committee Chairman Stephen Smith Jr. gave the group’s recommendations to Reynoldsburg City Council May 27.

“One hot topic as we began our study of the city’s animal ordinance was the definition of a vicious or dangerous animal,” Smith said. “Our recommendations focus on the behavior of an animal or owner and do not focus on one breed. The majority decided that was the better way to go because it mirrors state law and would be easier to enforce.”

State law does not single out or ban any particular breed of dog as dangerous or vicious, but Reynoldsburg’s current animal ordinance labels pit bulls as vicious and bans them from the city.

The ad hoc committee suggested dropping breed-specific language after researching state law and surrounding cities’ animal laws. The group has studied Reynoldsburg’s ordinance line by line since March 27.

So why add chickens?

“We added chickens because the majority of people on the committee voted for that,” Smith said. “We thought they could be allowed with restrictions, such as no roosters allowed and a registration requirement.”

The committee also suggested tightening leash laws and adding dog-tethering restrictions.

Reynoldsburg City Council will begin to discuss the recommendations at 7:30 p.m. June 16 at the Reynoldsburg Municipal Building, 7232 E. Main St.

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