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Eight officers called to break up food fight at RHS


A large food fight at Reynoldsburg High School is still under investigation by Reynoldsburg police after it took eight officers to disperse a crowd of students and resulted in a $300 cleaning fee.

The reporting officer said the incident began with a "pretend" fight between two boys before noon May 23 at the school, 6699 E. Livingston Ave.

"Both squared up in a fighting stance and began shoving one another," the officer wrote in the police report. "I approached one and told him several times to stop, but he continued to engage in the altercation."

The officer said while the two boys tried to fight and he tried to stop them, a food fight broke out in the entire cafeteria, with students running and pushing each other as they threw food.

He said the building manager removed one of the boys from the cafeteria.

"Students continued to throw food and attempt to fight one another," the officer wrote. "I requested additional officers to help restore order to the cafeteria and to control the large crowd."

The officer said the students were released from lunch early so they could be contained in classrooms. According to a written statement from one of the boys, the two students agreed to pretend they were fighting so attention would be drawn to them to allow the other students to have a food fight.

The second boy told police it was a prank for the last regular day of school.

Charges are pending against the two boys and others involved in the food fight, according to police.

The officer said it took several staff members and custodians about 30 minutes to clean the floors, walls and tables so students arriving for the next lunch period could eat, but remnants of food and beverages were still on the ceiling.

"Officers had to remain at the school for approximately an hour after the disturbance to maintain order," the officer wrote.