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Reynoldsburg Education Association files unfair labor practices complaint against district


The Reynoldsburg Education Association has filed an unfair labor practices complaint against the school district because of an online entry giving details of the district’s contract proposal to the teachers’ union.

Meanwhile, about 125 teachers dressed in red T-shirts, with some towing toddlers or pushing strollers, marched in front of the Reynoldsburg City Schools’ administration building today, June 30 “to voice their disappointment” in the school board.

Carrying signs that stated, “High stakes are for tomatoes, not students,” “Honk if you love a teacher” or “We say no to merit pay,” teachers said the district is not offering them a fair contract.

Amid loud honks from cars driving by on East Main Street, Reynoldsburg Education Association (REA) spokesperson Gina Daniels said, “So far, we have been disappointed in the proposal the board has offered and how they have disrespected us during the process.”

Daniels said that disrespect includes the district publishing a “frequently asked questions” entry on its website giving details of the district’s proposed contract, at

“We filed an unfair practices complaint with the State Employment Relations Board last week, because of that FAQ,” she said.

She said negotiations between teachers and the district broke down Thursday, June 26, when the school board negotiating team “left the bargaining table, refusing to negotiate further until a federal mediator could intervene.”

Bargaining was scheduled to resume June 30 at a neutral location with that federal mediator, Daniels said.

Basing salary increases entirely on merit pay, which puts too big an emphasis on standardized testing and eliminating group health insurance are major sticking points in the new contract, she said.

District leaders could not be reached for comment early Monday.

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