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Final council vote on pit bull ban pushed to July 28


Chris Long says it's time for Reynoldsburg City Council to hold a "final up or down vote" on changes to the city's animal ordinance that would include lifting a ban on keeping pit bulls.

And that vote will happen -- but not until July 28.

Before then, members of council's safety committee agreed Monday, July 7, that the revised ordinance will go to the full council for a first reading July 14 with a recommendation to send it back to the safety committee July 21 for more discussion.

City Attorney Jed Hood presented his notes to the safety committee Monday on the ad hoc committee's proposed revision of Reynoldsburg's laws governing animals in the city.

Long said he asked Hood to categorize the changes in the ordinance and comment on any language that might need to be changed.

After several weeks of study, the ad hoc committee recommended in May that Reynoldsburg should drop its ban on pit bulls to align with state legislation on the issue.

The ad hoc group also suggested that residents should be allowed to keep chickens within city limits.

Hood said some of the language in the proposed changes may be problematic to enforce, including the recommendation that no dogs may be kept in front yards with underground fences -- they may only be kept in a rear yard.

"This could be problematic in the case of residents with existing underground fences," Hood said.

Councilwoman Leslie Kelly said she is one of those residents.

"I have an underground fence in my front and back yard for my dog," she said.

Hood said the city does not issue permits for underground fences, so it is possible many residents have them in front yards.

"If the law changes, then it would be illegal to keep your dog in your front yard with an underground fence," he said.

Councilman Dan Skinner said he would like Hood to work on the language in the proposed ordinance and would like more time to consider Hood's comments.

The meetings for council committees and the full council are scheduled at at 7:30 p.m. July 14, 21 and 28 at the Reynoldsburg Municipal Building, 7232 E. Main St.