Girls Soccer

OCC releases all-conference teams

Tuesday October 25, 2011 3:50 PM

Below are the final standings and all-conference award winners for the four divisions of the Ohio Capital Conference in girls soccer.


Team Record Points
Gahanna 7-0-0 21
Pickerington North 5-1-1 16
Pickerington Central 5-2-0 15
Grove City 4-2-1 13
Reynoldsburg 2-5-0 6
Lancaster 1-4-2 5
Newark 0-5-2 2
Groveport 0-5-2 2


Player of the Year: Karie Weinland, F, Gahanna

Coach of the Year: Dana Ortman, Reynoldsburg


First Team All-OCC-Ohio

Gahanna: Ashley Gogolin (MF), Maggie Mayo (F) and Kari Weinland (F)

Pickerington North: Becca Glen (D) and Ashley Luckasco (D)

Pickerington Central: Lizzie Awuah (F) and Bailey Domer (MF)

Grove City: Ashley Artrip (F) and Lexi Paas (F)

Reynoldsburg: Katie Broehm (F/CM/D)

Lancaster: Dana McClurg (F)

Newark: Molly Hurst (F)

Groveport: Elise Zimmerman (GK)


Second Team All-OCC-Ohio

Gahanna: Abby Grooms (D), Taylor Law (D) and Annika Nilsen (MF)

Pickerington North: Christy Macioce (D), Rachel Weigman (F) and Danie Wegner (F)

Pickerington Central: Torrie Marshall (F)

Grove City: Nicole Sprolo (GK)

Reynoldsburg: Catherine Gundelfinger (GK)

Lancaster: Emily Young (F)

Newark: Rachel Billman (MF)

Groveport: Shelbie Prince (F)


Special Mention All-OCC-Ohio

Gahanna: Megan Barrick (D)

Pickerington North: Heather Lauefer (F)

Pickerington Central: Nicole Karavakis (D)

Grove City: Alexandra Kursinskis (MF)

Reynoldsburg: Kelsey Johnson (D)

Lancaster: Caitlyn Posten (MF)


Honorable Mention All-OCC

Gahanna: Erica Schrader (MF)

Pickerington North: Christina Williams (MF)

Pickerington Central: Megan Marinello (F)

Grove City: Danielle Terry (D)

Reynoldsburg: Sara Rutherford (M/D)

Lancaster: Zaneta Block (MF)

Newark: Shannon Loftus (F)

Groveport: Mackenzie Coburn (MF)


Team Record Points
Dublin Coffman 6-0-1 19
Hilliard Davidson 5-0-2 17
Thomas Worthington 4-1-2 14
Upper Arlington 3-2-2 11
Hilliard Darby 2-3-2 8
Worthington Kilbourne 2-4-1 7
Central Crossing 1-6-0 3
Westland 0-7-0 0


Player of the Year: Bailey Wilson, MF, Dublin Coffman

Coach of the Year: Tim Baron, Thomas Worthington


First Team All-OCC-Central

Dublin Coffman: Sam Edwards (F), Ashley Stratton (D), Bailey Wilson (MF)

Hilliard Davidson: Ashley Blake (F) and Courtney Hall (F)

Thomas Worthington: Megan Insley (M/D) and Maddy Maxwell (D)

Upper Arlington: Megan Demott (MF) and Eileen Saunders (MF)

Hilliard Darby: Ashleigh Riddle (CB)

Worthington Kilbourne: Celeste Fushimi-Karns (D)

Central Crossing: Marissa Cajigal (D)


Second Team All-OCC-Central

Dublin Coffman: Haley Lemkuhl (D), Amanda Stratton (D) and Talia Tullis (D)

Hilliard Davidson: Lauren Bates (MF), Kelly Grinter (D) and Monica Lince (D)

Thomas Worthington: Mollie Scholl (MF)

Upper Arlington: Lily Rhodenhamel (D)

Hilliard Darby: Alex Hoferkamp (GK)

Worthington Kilbourne: Selena Fushimi-Karns (MF)

Central Crossing: Reagan Townsend (D)

Westland: Juliann Cooper (MF/D)

Special Mention All-OCC-Central

Dublin Coffman: Jena Phillips (MF)

Hilliard Davidson: Lea Elder (F)

Thomas Worthington: MacKenzie Howell (GK)

Upper Arlington: Meredith Ginn (D)

Hilliard Darby: Ellen Ransom (F)

Worthington Kilbourne: Meredith Ulle (GK)


Honorable Mention All-OCC-Central

Dublin Coffman: Madison Velky (F)

Hilliard Davidson: Susan Anderson (GK)

Thomas Worthington: Kendall Kwiatkowski (MF)

Upper Arlington: Carly Allen (F)

Hilliard Darby: Emily Church (F)

Worthington Kilbourne: Emily Limpert (MF)

Central Crossing: Clarissa Davis (GK)

Westland: Kelia Herrara (MF)


Team Record Points
Dublin Jerome 7-0-0 21
Dublin Scioto 4-2-1 13
Westerville North 3-2-2 11
Westerville Central 3-3-1 10
Olentangy Liberty 2-4-1 7
Olentangy 2-4-1 7
Marysville 2-5-0 6
Westerville South 1-4-2 5


Player of the Year: Lindsey Agnew, F, Dublin Jerome

Coach of the Year: Drew Zellers, Olentangy


First Team All-OCC-Cardinal

Dublin Jerome: Lindsey Agnew (F), Courtney Kobashigawa (MF) and Kaitlyn Miller (MF)

Dublin Scioto: Anna Buhigas (GK) and Cori Piatka (D)

Westerville North: Rachael Davis (D) and Allie Sierdazki (F)

Westerville Central: Carly Morris (D) and Taylor Wells (MF)

Olentangy Liberty: Julia Bruno (MF)

Olentangy: Megan Landon (MF)

Marysville: Cassidy Jaggers (F/D/M)


Second Team All-OCC-Cardinal

Dublin Jerome: Makenzie Costner (D), Abby Drake (D) and Katie Mazurek (MF)

Dublin Scioto: Kat Glaser (MF), Elise Jones (MF) and Courtney Socha (F)

Westerville North: Kayla Angermeier (GK)

Westerville Central: Morgan Johnson (MF)

Olentangy Liberty: Kendall Kirchner (F)

Olentangy: Catie Crumb (F)

Marysville: Abby Jaggers (MF)

Westerville South: Mikaela Couch (F)


Special Mention All-OCC-Cardinal

Dublin Jerome: Megan O’Donnel (GK)

Dublin Scioto: Sveta Gundenkova (F)

Westerville North: Hope Wood (D)

Westerville Central: Cara Parrish (D)

Olentangy Liberty: Elisha Marger (D)

Olentangy: Allison Lowery (F)


Honorable Mention All-OCC-Cardinal

Dublin Jerome: Amelia Robison (D)

Dublin Scioto: Kelsey Diewald (D)

Westerville North: Maggie Gibson (D)

Westerville Central: Ariel Wiley (MF)

Olentangy Liberty: Natalie Flahive (F)

Olentangy: Bailey Hatch (GK)

Marysville: Kaela Kovanda (F)

Westerville South: Cara Calland (GK)


Team Record Points
Hilliard Bradley 5-0-1 16
New Albany 4-1-1 13
Olentangy Orange 4-2-0 12
Watkins Memorial 4-2-0 12
Big Walnut 2-4-0 6
Delaware Hayes 1-5-0 3
Mount Vernon 0-6-0 0


Player of the Year: Erin Banaag, F, Hilliard Bradley 

Coach of the Year: Dan Hoover, Hilliard Bradley


First Team All-OCC-Capital

Hilliard Bradley: Erin Banaag (F), Amanda Fodor (D) and Casey Gross (MF)

New Albany: Megan Glass (F) and Jill Singer (D)

Olentangy Orange: Shauni Kerkhoff (GK) and Carly Swisher (MF)

Watkins Memorial: Erin Marek (M/F) and Madison Moore (GK)

Big Walnut: Kayleigh Hammond (D)

Delaware: Tori Bias (MF)

Mount Vernon: Chelsie Hayes (MF)


Second Team All-OCC-Capital

Hilliard Bradley: Lauren Bailey (MF), Caitlyn Cote (MF) and Alicia Wolfe (D)

New Albany: Danielle Dixson (MF), Chrissy Harris (D) and Emily Makowski (MF)

Olentangy Orange: Brittany Barber (MF) and Emily Burton (D)

Watkins Memorial: Alisha Hastilow (F) and Melissa Spurbeck (D)

Big Walnut: Jennie Wegner (D)

Delaware: Aly Smiley (F/GK)

Mount Vernon: Kaitlyn McPeek (F)


Special Mention All-OCC-Capital

Hilliard Bradley: Shelby Haworth (GK)

New Albany: Meghan Jayes (GK)

Olentangy Orange: Taylor Momburg (D)

Watkins Memorial: Stephanie Robb (F)

Big Walnut: Sydney Burks (F)

Delaware: Sammy Rupp (F)


Honorable Mention All-OCC-Capital

Hilliard Bradley: Jenna Fodor (F)

New Albany: Megan Tolnar (F)

Olentangy Orange: Stephanie Lewis (F)

Watkins Memorial: Shelby Jude (MF)

Big Walnut: Emma Bauer (F)

Delaware: Katie Haller (MF)

Mount Vernon: Rachel Parks (D)