Game Predictions (Final Standings)

Although Andy Resnik and Jarrod Ulrey were tied for the lead heading into the final week, we knew it wouldn’t end that way as the leaders had three different picks in the final week of games.

Resnik, who had a seven-game lead three weeks ago, got two of the head-to-head picks correct to earn the title. Resnik went 13-2 last week to finish 122-28, one game better than Ulrey, who was 12-3 last week.

The race for the title was the only interesting battle heading into the final week as four panelists were in contention for third place. Aaron Blankenship had a season-best performance of 14-1 to finish 117-33 and move into third place, followed by Don Delco (116-34 overall, 12-3 last week), John Hulkenberg (115-35, 13-2) and Patrick Dolan (115-35, 13-2). Rounding out the lineup were managing editor Eric Frantz (114-36, 14-1), Scott Hennen (114-36, 14-1), Lee Cochran (111-39, 12-3), Brad Emerine (109-42, 12-3) and Dave Purpura (91-29, 12-3). Playing the percentages, Purpura would have finished ninth.