Ray: I'm a Michigan grad who attended the UM-OSU basketball game last Sunday. It was a tight, hard-fought game, and my team lost. Congratulations to the Buckeyes; they played harder and smarter.

Ray: I'm a Michigan grad who attended the UM-OSU basketball game last Sunday. It was a tight, hard-fought game, and my team lost. Congratulations to the Buckeyes; they played harder and smarter.

Now, I'd like to comment on the mean-spirited bozos who operate the "fan cam" at the Schott. At some point during the second half, the camera zeroed in on a well-proportioned young man who was wearing (horrors!) a Michigan T-shirt and peacefully enjoying some of the overpriced fare offered at the Schott.

As some in the crowd roared with laughter - get it? Michigan fans stuff their faces and they're all FAT! - the poor guy tried to ignore the eye in the sky, but it would not ignore him. Instead, it lingered, watching him eat, squirm and try to pretend he wasn't being ridiculed in front of a full house.

While this "entertainment" wasn't quite as obnoxious as the middle-aged guy in front of me who wore a T-shirt that said, "I'd rather shower at Penn State than cheer for the Wolverines," it was more surprising because it was sanctioned by the university.

Apparently, the wild-eyed, anti-all-things-Michigan mental illness that afflicts some Buckeyes fans in this city has metastasized to such a degree that the OSU athletic department considers public humiliation to be a healthy display of team spirit. Pathetic.

- Ted Wendling, Bexley

Ted: First things first: Are we sure that wasn't Brady Hoke the camera found? Actually, it would have been fair game to tee up a public figure who doesn't know the difference between Ohio University and Ohio State. But to single out an innocent fan minding his business, that doesn't seem cool.

Editor: Regarding the (Blue Jackets) needing to choose a starting goalie, dual starters can work in net. When Scotty Bowman was coach of the St. Louis Blues, he hadGlenn Hall and Jacques Plante. Their system was play two games, then sit two.

It resulted in keeping them fresh, a Vezina Trophy for St. Louis (in 1968-69) and a competitive Finals with the (Montreal) Canadiens. Of course, one difference is that both already were Hall of Fame goalies at that point in their careers.

- Dave Jess, Marion

Dave: Now that's a forward-thinking idea. Unfortunately, Plante died in 1986, and Hall is 81 years old. That plan will have to fall to the old-detective-agency-sounding duo of Bobrovsky and Mase.

Editor: Thank you for your efforts to get a late-breaking Notre Dame story into (Thursday's) paper. I know in the past there have been issues giving a chosen, above-all-others program the next-day coverage it deserves. And fans of "one of the only programs that does it right" have been justifiably outraged.

It was refreshing to see that The Dispatch learned its lesson and worked hard to give us all the news we deserved to see.

- Bill Harter, Columbus

Bill: Interestingly, I have not heard from Notre Dame fans about that particular story. So I'm going to take it as a sign that they're satisfied.

Editor: There is nothing that Lance Armstrong could have taken to enable him to win seven Tour de France titles. That can only come from greatness.

We cannot ask the great to be perfect.

- Michael Scarpitti, Columbus

Michael: But it's too much to ask that they play by the same rules as everyone else? I will say this for him: After watching his "confession," I somehow managed to like him less.

Ray:The Dispatch was doing so well covering the (Ohio) Bobcats.Then I open (last) Sunday's paper and there was not even one sentence about the win over Western Michigan at Kalamazoo - a location that historically has yielded few Ohio victories.

I predicted last week that once the NHL lockout ended and The Dispatch returned to a mandatory page of hockey that Bobcats coverage would suffer. Did you have to prove me correct so quickly?

- Bruce Cuthbertson, Dublin

Bruce: That's an E6 on our part - a ground ball right through the wickets. Our plan is to field those Ohio games more cleanly from here out.

Ray: If a puck drops in Nationwide Arena and there are no fans to hear it, does it make a sound?

I think this is an experiment worth conducting and would urge all Jackets fans to stay away from the arena on game nights.

- Thad Woodman, Westerville

Thad: That's your call, but don't get busted by the bandwagon police if ever there's a winner at Nationwide and Front.


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