Girls Soccer

OCC announces all-conference teams

Tuesday October 29, 2013 1:01 PM

The Ohio Capital Conference has released its all-conference team for the 2013 girls soccer season. 

Editor’s note: The list was provided to from the OCC and may include inaccuracies. Please contact for any necessary corrections.


Champion: Olentangy Orange

Player of the Year: Emily Burton, Olentangy Orange

Coach of the Year: Jen Odebrecht, Olentangy Orange

First Team 

Emily Burton, MF, Olentangy Orange; Sophie Level, MF, Olentangy Orange; Stephanie Lewis, F, Olentangy Orange; Megan Glass, F, New Albany; Vanessa Eastwood, F, New Albany; Celeste Fushimi-Karns, D, Worthington Kilborune; Kelley Zebrowski, F, Worthington Kilbourne; Cassidy Marino, D, Olentangy; Payton Naylor, F, Olentangy; Skylar Fleak, F, Big Walnut; Brooke Zinader, F, Delaware; Laura Sahr, D, Mount Vernon

Second Team 

Alexis Simon, MF, Olentangy Orange; Mackenzie Brunke, GK, Olentangy Orange; Natalie Miller, D, Olentangy Orange; Sam Damante, MF, New Albany; Danielle Dixson, MF, New Albany; Kelci Winters, D, New Albany; Annie Mosca, MF, Worthington Kilbourne; Julia Tout, D, Worthington Kilbourne; Carli Taute, F, Worthington Kilbourne; Kelsey Hill, GK, Olentangy; Jennifer Wenger, D, Big Walnut; Melanie Anderson, D, Delaware; Danaye Nixon, D, Mount Vernon 

Special Mention

Kylie McCue, D, Olentangy Orange; Kiki Kawari, MF, New Albany; Erin Mahaffey, MF, Worthington Kilbourne; Alana Poff, D, Olentangy; Bailey Armstrong, MF, Big Walnut; Hannah Joseph, F, Delaware

Honorable Mention

Emily Beaver, MF, Olentangy Orange; Emily Sayre, D, New Albany; Alex Lawrence, GK, Worthington Kilbourne; Kaylin Jankowski, MF, Olentangy; Leah Shaw, D, Big Walnut; Hannah Bartfay, D, Delaware; Chelsie Hayes, MF, Mount Vernon


Champion: Dublin Jerome 

Player of the Year: Madison Costner, Dublin Jerome

Coach of the Year: Dan Hoover, Hilliard Bradley 

First Team

Madison Costner, F, Dublin Jerome; Mya Howard, D, Dublin Jerome; Christy Chou, MF, Dublin Jerome; Katey Fleischman, MF, Hilliard Bradley; Emily Wright, D, Hilliard Bradley; Mikaela Couch, F, Westerville South; Dominique Dosky, D, Westerville South; Alex Macleod, F/MF, Westerville Central; Brista Phillips, MF/D, Westerville Central; Emmi Coonfare, GK, Canal Winchester; Hannah Ferimer, D, Westerville North; Ellie Weber, D, Hiliard Darby

Second Team

Anna Poptic, MF, Dublin Jerome; Marissa Martin, MF, Dublin Jerome; Andrea Davidson, F, Dublin Jerome; Jenna Fodor, MF, Hilliard Bradley; Faith Payton, D, Hilliard Bradley; Adrianna Johnson, MF, Hilliard Bradley; Cara Calland, GK, Westerville South; Kenna Pollard, D, Westerville Central; Betsy Cadwallader, F, Canal Winchester; Taylor Johnson, GK, Westerville North; Madison Dixon, F, Hilliard Darby; Lindsey Rentzsch, MF, Dublin Scioto

Special Mention 

Maddie Ireton, GK, Dublin Jerome; Kamryn Courtright, F, Hilliard Bradley; Samantah Roth, D, Westerville South; Allison Ruman, D, Westerville Central; Julia Blum, D, Canal Winchester; Morgan Pearce, D, Westerville North

Honorable Mention

Jill Graff, D, Dublin Jerome; Taylor Baith, D, Hilliard Bradley; Casey Kusan, F, Westerville South; Kennedy Wells, D, Westerville Central; Destiny Chester, F, Canal Winchester; Peri Wiley, F, Westerville North; Abbey Spangler, D, Hilliard Darby; Mikhaylan Price, GK, Dublin Scioto 


Champion: Dublin Coffman

Player of the Year: Sam Edwards, Dublin Coffman 

Coach of the Year: Pat Ellis, Westland

First Team 

Sam Edwards, F, Dublin Coffman; Amanda Stratton, D, Dublin Coffman; Brynn Schlemitz, MF, Dublin Coffman; Lea Elder, F, Hilliard Davidson; Ashley Blake, F, Hilliard Davidson; Emma Ranalli, MF, Olentangy Liberty; Natalie Flahive, F, Olentangy Liberty; Jenna Szabo, F, Thomas Worthington; Fatima Said, MF, Thomas Worthington; Kaela Kovanda, F, Marysville; Maddie Miller, F, Upper Arlington; Olivia Downing, D, Central Crossing

Second Team

Jesse Schaefer, D, Dublin Coffman; Jena Phillips, MF, Dublin Coffman; Hannah Lemkuhl, MF, Dublin Coffman; Cassise Koenig, MF, Hilliard Davidson; Erin Duffy, MF, Hilliard Davidson; Andrea Ticknor, D, Hilliard Davidson; Julia Bruno, MF, Olentangy Liberty; Grace Deluca, F, Thomas Worthington; Abby Jaggers, F, Marysville; Gabi MacNaughton, D, Upper Arlington; Alexis Bachstetter, D, Central Crossing; Cameron Moreno, D, Westland

Special Mention 

Kaeli Tuinstra, MF, Dublin Coffman; Abby Wells, GK, Hilliard Davidson; Miranda Kuhns, GK, Olentangy Liberty; Grace Smith, MF, Thomas Worthington; Lauren Hampton, D, Marysville; Kerry Fry, F, Upper Arlington

Honorable Mention

Courtney Dille, D, Dublin Coffman; Devon McClellan, F, Hilliard Davidson; Katie Best, D, Olentangy Liberty; Bethany Geiser, GK, Thomas Worthington; Tiffany Spears, F, Marysville; Lexi Anderson, D, Upper Arlington; Anna Brandon, D, Central Crossing; Devine Davis, D, Westland


Champion: Pickerington North

Player of the Year: Morgan Biggengle, Pickerington North

Coach of the Year: Greg Van Kannel, Pickerington North

First Team 

Morgan Bitengle, F, Pickerington North; Hannah Wilson, GK, Pickerington North; Emily Thomas, F, Pickerington North; Ashley Artrip, F, Grove City; Kendra White, MF, Grove City; Nicole Karavakis, D, Pickerington Central; Megan Davis, D, Pickerington Central; Mary-Kate Munz, MF, Gahanna; Alison Smitley, MF, Gahanna; Katie Broehm, MF, Reynoldsburg; Erica Campbell, F, Lancaster; Rachel Billman, MF, Newark

Second Team

Morgan Greer, MF, Pickerington North; Megan Marasco, F, Pickerington North; Casey Gerhard, D, Pickerington North; Maddy Kruki, F, Grove City; Jen Draper, MF, Grove City; Lindsay Jones, D, Grove City; Jaelyn Cunningham, GK, Pickerington Central; Casidy Simonis, MF, Pickerington Central; Emma Safranek, D, Pickerington Central; Remington Eades, F, Gahanna; Kelsey Johnson, D, Reynoldsburg; Zoyie Golden, D, Lancaster; Meghan Roche, F, Newark; Brooke Croyer, GK, Groveport

Special Mention

Aubrey Lukascko, MF, Pickerington North; Megan Farr, D, Grove City; Rachel Koch, MF, Pickerington Central; Morgan Marquez, D, Gahanna; Ceri Goff, MF, Reynoldsburg; Alex Farlow, D, Lancaster

Honorable Mention

Kelley Einsenhauer, MF, Pickerington North; Riley Bowyer, F, Grove City; Aisha Suhaiba, F, Pickerington Central; Sara Richards, D, Gahanna; Alex Thorn, F, Reynoldsburg, Micayla Welsh, F, Lancaster; Addie Gilkey, MF, Newark; Stephanie Siwicki, F, Groveport