The Ohio Capital Conference has released its all-conference team for the 2013 football season.

The Ohio Capital Conference has released its all-conference team for the 2013 football season.

Please note that the positions for which the players were honored were not listed in the documents provided by the Ohio Capital Conference, which also may include inaccuracies. Please contact for any necessary corrections.


Players of the Year: Seth Hill, Worthington Kilbourne; Hayden Hatten, New Albany; J.D. Orr, Mount Vernon

Coach of the Year: Vince Trombetti, Worthington Kilbourne

First Team

Franklin Heights: Justin Harris; Big Walnut: Alec Eisnnicher; Worthington Kilbourne: Seth Hill, Chandler Bridges, Joe Schick, Taylor Wilson, Josh Happ and D.J. Freer; Delaware: Ethan Tucky; Olentangy: Hayden Hunter, Case Troyer, Jake Didion and Kevin Sherry; Olentangy Orange: Jacob Lewis; New Albany: Hayden Hatten, Joe Siegenthaler, Victor Chamberlain, Tyrell Howard and Trey Quillin; Mount Vernon: J.D. Orr, Ryan Fitzgerald and Logan Rhea

Punter: Taylor Wilson, Worthington Kilbourne

Kicker: Jacob Bell, Olentangy

Second Team

Franklin Heights: Seth Dawkins and Baylee Kibbey; Big Walnut: Austin Crow and Chase Laveer; Worthington Kilbourne: Gavin Elifritz, Justin Stoner, Dom Brown and Alex Meehan; Delaware: Collin Wittig and Caleb Howell; Olentangy: J.T. Grega, Andy Simms, Chris Crumb and Tim Feasel; Olentangy Orange: Justin Gels and Cole Cunningham; New Albany: George Kalec, Ryan Wilson, Jack Schroer and O.B. Oppong; Mount Vernon: Jeep Cochran, Alec Curts and Josh Edwards

Punter: Joseph Sanfillippo, Delaware

Kicker: Joe Rowling, New Albany

Special Mention

Franklin Heights: Alonzo Longshore; Big Walnut: Isaac Lucas; Worthington Kilbourne: Griffin Dahn and J.C. Bartok; Delaware: Jante' Wright; Olentangy: Curtis Conrad; Olentangy Orange: Nicolas Lee; New Albany: Ross Henze and Jalen Ward; Mount Vernon: Lucas Staten

Honorable Mention

Franklin Heights: David Haynes; Big Walnut: Austin Hale; Worthington Kilbourne: Mason Rigio; Delaware: Shawn Johnson; Olentangy: Nate Hall; Olentangy Orange: Lenn's Kamba; New Albany: Jack Archer; Mount Vernon: Kyle Stump


Player of the Year: Jared Drake, Westerville Central

Coach of the Year: John Magistro, Westerville Central

First Team

Canal Winchester: Lamont Martin; Westerville North: Andy Struttmann; Westerville South: Curtis Mitchell; Hilliard Bradley: Ryan Beveridge, Walker Hamilton, Skylar Hartley and Tommy Horn; Dublin Jerome: Nate Fairand; Hilliard Darby: Josh Humbert, Brian Casey, Nate Green, Tony Hajjar and Trevor Parker; Dublin Scioto: Elijah Berry, Nick Conner and Brennen Sawicki; Westerville Central: Jared Drake, Nick Richardson, Micah Lowe, Tommy Mansfield, Alex Fisher and Kyle Ulliman

Punter: Matthew Messick, Dublin Scioto

Kicker: Hunter Robertson, Westerville Central

Second Team

Canal Winchester: Khari Golden and Willy Totten; Westerville North: Jake Hinz and Andrew Malick; Westerville South: Darian Miller and Abu Demery; Hilliard Bradley: Zac Davis, T.J. Martin, Ryan Reffitt and Daniel Tepe; Dublin Jerome: Louis Torchio and James Hanson; Hilliard Darby: Jacob Stacy, Hunter McSweeney, Trevor Cox and David Still; Dublin Scioto: Spencer Talentino, Darius McDonald and Nathan Densel; Westerville Central: Ben Cooper, Eldin Anu, Cendric Frierson and Jason Gruber

Punter: Nate Green, Hilliard Darby

Kicker: Sam Crosa, Dublin Scioto

Special Mention

Canal Winchester: Luke Ford; Westerville North: Johnathon Taylor; Westerville South: Timmy Bates; Hilliard Bradley: Zack Popovec; Dublin Jerome: Matthew McCarty; Hilliard Darby: Dwayne Oates and Zach Donatelli; Westerville Central: Zach Crumpler and Jeremiah Shaw; Dublin Scioto: Isaiah Robinson

Honorable Mention

Canal Winchester: Skyler Scott; Westerville North: Gage Archer; Westerville South: Torrodd Carter; Hilliard Bradley: Tyler Harris; Dublin Jerome: Juan Jennings; Hilliard Darby: Devon Rogers; Dublin Scioto: Jacob Schafer; Westerville Central: Adam Lowe


Player of the Year: Alex Backenstoe, Hilliard Davidson

Coach of the Year: Brian White, Hilliard Davidson

First Team

Central Crossing: Noah Stephens; Thomas Worthington: Tony Harvard; Marysville; Austin Pfarr, Matt Mulholland, Stephen Pittroff and Alec Draughon; Hilliard Davidson: D.D. Clark, Phillipie Motley, Alex Backenstoe, Nick Stull, Jared Johns and Parker Foard; Dublin Coffman: Dalton Maynard, Dre Kendrick, Kwabena Amponsah, Clay Raterman and Jordan O'Dell; Upper Arlington: Chase Greenlee, Noah Spielman, Chris Frey and Jackson Finfrock; Westland: Nick Green; Olentangy Liberty: Eric Lorenzen, Daryian Davies, Marshal Davis and Scott Goodwill

Punter: Sam Wheeler, Upper Arlington

Kicker: John McGue, Dublin Coffman

Second Team

Central Crossing: Gino Siravo and Shane Maxey; Thomas Worthington: Danny Gordon and Anthony Hopkins; Marysville: Logan Roston, Darius Walker, Ryan Evans and Billy Kidd; Hilliard Davidson: Marcus Bailey, Travis Brown, Joe Bernard and Brett Annis; Dublin Coffman: Eric Stein, C.J. Saunders, Kyle Marcinick and Reagan Malas; Upper Arlington: Lewie Hughes, Graham Devine, Nick Blazek and Elliott Timmons; Westland: Alex Pridemore and John Gebhardt; Olentangy Liberty: Luke Callahan, Jake Worrell, Hunter Littlejohn and Nick Durtschi

Punter: Ben Frazier, Thomas Worthington

Kicker: Nick Mazza, Marysville

Special Mention

Central Crossing: Michael Traversa; Thomas Worthington: Jalen Wells; Marysville: Kenny Kinder; Hilliard Davidson: Nick Iske and Ben Brooks; Dublin Coffman: Andrew Friend and Tyler Jester; Upper Arlington: Jackson Pfister; Westland: Reggie Gilliam; Olentangy Liberty: Dan Rhinehart

Honorable Mention

Central Crossing: Luke Duncan; Thomas Worthington: Richard Spernoga; Marysville: Nick Mazza; Hilliard Davidson: Max Paazig; Dublin Coffman: Sam McCollum; Upper Arlington: Kyle Kaparos; Westland: Clay Carrel; Olentangy Liberty: Matt Kessler


Player of the Year: Grant Russell, Newark

Coaches of the Year: Tom Phillips, Pickerington North and Jay Sharrett, Pickerington Central

First Team

Lancaster: Isaiah Dexter, Collin Young and Kyle Trout; Newark: Grant Russell; Groveport: Tyren Jackson; Reynoldsburg: Solomon Grace; Anthony Hines and Andrew Tate; Pickerington Central: Isaiah Richmond, Vinnie Allen, Brennan Dudziak, Josh Clouse, Chris Reyes and Colby Simkins; Gahanna: Adam Davis, Boomer Lowe and Emile Camm; Grove City: Cameron Meece, Vennie Sapp, Ben Myers and Ryan Serafini; Pickerington North: Dylan Weigel, Zephaniah Miller, Justin Childers, Geno Rollo, Bryce Bishop and Tony Welch

Punter: Rudy Stefanitsis, Pickerington Central

Kicker: Karch Holland, Pickerington North

Second Team

Lancaster: Jerry King, Riley Hamilton and Kawai Moku; Newark: Darius Shackleford and Diantre Pressley; Groveport: Markel Davis and Cameron Oshodi; Reynoldsburg: Jake Grant, Jordan Aekins and Christian Eubanks; Pickerington Central: Devon Hamilton, Eric Johnson, Vince Lewis and Clayton Glasco; Gahanna: Vasean Davis, Jonathan Cooper and Benjamin Foley; Grove City: Corey Williams, Will Zentz, Tyler Cowles and Matt Brown; Pickerington North: Frankie Weirick, Trezden Johnson, Chris McDowell and Kyle Beemiller

Punter: Eric Deluse, Lancaster

Kicker: Devon McMillin, Pickerington Central

Special Mention

Lancaster: Beau Stewart; Newark: Derek Amspaugh; Groveport: Deshawn Sowell; Reynoldsburg: Tyeke Pugh; Pickerington Central: Tyler Boyd and Tawain Gordon; Gahanna: Victor Spencer; Grove City: Austin Burgett; Pickerington North: Jaye Williams and Matt Myers

Honorable Mention

Lancaster: Jared Thompson; Newark: Kameran Hicks; Groveport: Jordan Garrettson; Reynoldsburg: Aston Dulin; Pickerington Central: Jordan Pieczynski; Gahanna: Carter Hall; Grove City: Ryan Grooms; Pickerington North: Jordan Chambers