Leadership UA will present its annual awards May 6 at the Scioto Country Club, when its 2010 graduating class will also be recognized.

Leadership UA will present its annual awards May 6 at the Scioto Country Club, when its 2010 graduating class will also be recognized.

The program, which includes an annual class of adults selected from residents and people with an interest in the Arlington community, holds monthly sessions from late summer through the following spring, and studies the history of the community, civic organizations and public affairs.

"It's a yearlong program," said Erik Yassenoff, a graduate of the program and one-time board member. "It starts in August, September and it goes until May. The (May 6) ceremony is the graduation of the current class and the awards ceremony. The class meets once a month and it informs and teaches residents of the community different aspects of the community. It's about how to be involved.

"Each class is based on a certain aspect, either involvement in the community or leadership skills."

At the May 6 event, former mayor and city council member Don Leach and his wife, educator Jane Leach, will receive the Margine Moul Award, while the Service to Youth Award will go to Bill Snellgrove of the Northwest Kiwanis youth soccer program.

As a council member, Leach said he is proud of his focus on renewal, necessary in an older community such as Upper Arlington that must renew its original construction.

"One of the reasons I originally ran (for office) was Kingsdale and infrastructure," Leach said. "Arlington is an aging community. It was important to me and other people to make sure we were properly focused on investing in infrastructure."

Prior to serving on council, Don Leach chaired the city's Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and was a member of the UA Community Improvement Corporation. He was a member of the UA Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Trustees and was named the chamber's Arthur Cullman Business Person of the Year in 2009.

An attorney, he currently serves as managing partner of the Columbus office of Dinsmore & Shohl, LLP.

Jane Leach is former principal of Hilltop Elementary School and current principal of Beacon Elementary in Hilliard. She was formerly on the staff at Upper Arlington Lutheran Church.

She has been recognized with the Columbus Public Schools Community Involvement Award and the Columbus Area Metropolitan Area Church Council's Living Faith Award.

Both the Leaches have been active volunteers in a variety of community programs.

Bill Snellgrove will receive the Service to Youth Award for his involvement since 1984 in coaching, then leading, the Northwest Kiwanis youth soccer program.

"I've been involved in soccer for 52 years," Snellgrove said.

The program began in the early 1970s and serves children in kindergarten through sixth grade from Upper Arlington, Grandview and Marble Cliff.

"One of kids' biggest limitations is their own self confidence," Snellgrove said. "We stress to coaches and parents to be positive to kids. They need positive reinforcement. It does wonders for them."

Snellgrove said he was not a fan of the in-your-face, Woody Hayes school of coaching generally, but especially for younger children.

"Kids don't develop the power to think abstractly until somewhere between age 10 and 12, and because of that it's a little hard for them to relate to a lot of things. Younger kids need positive reinforcement."

The program operates on an annual budget of approximately $40,000, paid for by participation fees and donations from Kiwanis that goes toward purchasing shirts, soccer balls and equipment and paying referee fees.

Tickets to the event, to be held at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, May 6, at the Scioto Country Club, are available tby calling Mary Ellen Hatch, 481-3278. Additional information may be found at www.leadershipua.org.