Weeding and watering volunteers are needed if the Tremont Community Garden is to survive the summer.

Weeding and watering volunteers are needed if the Tremont Community Garden is to survive the summer.

The garden was planted this month by volunteers from Upper Arlington Progressive Action, as well as staff and students from Tremont Elementary School.

Tremont parent and UA Progressive Action member Robyn Harper helped bring the school together with the group to work on the project.

"We had done a beautification project last year ... and I thought, 'Next year, I want to do it at Tremont.'" Harper said.

"We had talked before about possibly doing a vegetable garden rather than just doing beautification, and it just sort of grew from there."

Tremont teachers Pam Bergen and Michelle Persichetti agreed with Harper that gardening would be a great learning experience for their students.

"Second grade, fourth grade and kindergarten study plants, and third grade studies soil, so it's this perfect classroom fit," Bergen said.

In addition, the experience of growing a garden has an impact on students' character, Bergen said.

Tremont emphasizes the school district's Pillars of Ethical Behavior, which include compassion, responsibility, respect, fairness and justice.

"It certainly directly correlates," she said.

Bergen said she hopes to tie in the garden to all aspects of her curriculum, art and music, as well as math and science.

"I see the kids harvesting the seeds eventually and selling seed packets ... I see them composting and learning a lot about recycling," Bergen said.

She also dreams that her students will come up with their own ideas for projects involving the garden and its produce.

"I'm so happy that this is coming to be," she said.

In this, the garden's first year, Bergen plans to recruit several of her students' families to volunteer to help with its upkeep during the summer.

In addition to continued maintenance, many of the vegetables will ripen and need to be harvested before school begins again in the fall, Harper said.

Those interested in volunteering can reach Harper at tremontgrowingtogether@gmail.com.

More information on the Tremont Community Garden is available at tremontgrowingtogether.blogspot.com.