A group of Upper Arlington Public Library staff members plan to show off their artistic talents at this year's Labor Day Arts Festival on Monday, Sept. 6.

A group of Upper Arlington Public Library staff members plan to show off their artistic talents at this year's Labor Day Arts Festival on Monday, Sept. 6.

Eight staff, including library communications specialist Christine Minx, adult program coordinator Jennifer Faure and graphics coordinator Jeff Steman, plan to display various crafts at the booth and then have them on sale for the rest of the month at the main library, 2800 Tremont Road.

All proceeds of the sale will go to the nonprofit Friends of the Library, which helps support programs at the library.

"All the money (the Friends) raise in all of their different venues goes directly to the library system," Minx said. "Their contributions are more important than ever with all of the cuts that we have had to make."

Staff members came up with the idea to use the city's Labor Day Arts Festival as a jumping-off point for their fundraiser.

UAPL plans to have a booth at the festival but will not sell the crafts there, because it is a nonprofit vendor.

The library employees' wares will be on sale beginning Tuesday, Sept. 7, at the main library and will be there until the end of September or until they have all been purchased.

"Maybe they will all be gone the first week," Minx said.

Julie Reeder, a library assistant at the Miller Park branch, is making earrings of pearls and beads for the sale.

"I have been beading since 1990," she said. "Currently, I'm in a holding pattern. I'm learning how to work with metal."

She previously has sold some of her jewelry and said she plans to again when she masters the art of metal-working.

Reeder has taught jewelry-making classes at the library in the past.

She said she is excited to be able to use her crafting ability to help support her place of work.

"I want to support the library as an employee and just as a community-minded person," Reeder said. "I feel like it's so worthwhile, and with the cutbacks it's a nice way to contribute."

She said she plans to donate about 12 pairs of earrings, which she said would each cost less than $20.

Steman said he plans to contribute a number of caricatures and children's book illustrations.

He said he will have multiple sizes of the prints on sale for the fundraiser.

"I do a lot of children's book illustrations, and I have illustrated books before," he said.

He also said he is happy to participate in the fundraiser.

"I always do stuff for the Friends when I can," he said. "I've donated some (prints) before. It's easy for me to give like that because sometimes I can't give in other ways."

Faure, adult program coordinator for the library, said she plans to contribute a hand-knit purse, lined with colorful fabric and ribbon.

She said she has been making the handbags for a number of years and has given them away as presents and has donated them to various fundraisers.

"I have been a life-long library user well before I was a library employee," Faure said. "It's important to me that we be able to continue operating as well as we can."

Labor Day Arts Festival expected
to draw 20,000 to Northam Park

The Upper Arlington cultural arts division will host its 44th annual Labor Day Arts Festival Monday, Sept. 6.

The festival will be held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Northam Park and will feature more than 200 artists from around North America.

The festival is juried and is expected to bring more than 20,000 visitors to the city.

The event also will include food, entertainment and activities for children, said Lauren Emond, community arts coordinator for the cultural arts division.

This year, city staff is hoping that those who attend the event will bike instead of drive.

Though parking and shuttles will be available to patrons parking at the Kingsdale Shopping Center and the surrounding businesses, Pedal Instead, a free valet bicycle parking service, will be at the southeast area of the festival to park bikes in a special corral.

Pedal Instead began as a part of Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman's Green Team, launched in 2006.

Last year, Pedal Instead parked 82 bikes at the festival.

For more information on the Labor Day Arts Festival, parking and biking, visit the city's website at www.uaoh.net.