Upper Arlington again has a full-time staffer in charge of fostering economic development in the community.

Upper Arlington again has a full-time staffer in charge of fostering economic development in the community.

The city has hired Robert Lamb, former economic development administrator for Glendale, Ariz., to fill the position of community and economic development manager. He is to start work on March 13.

Lamb has been tasked to attract new businesses to Upper Arlington, help to retain and grow existing businesses in the community, and to facilitate redevelopment in the city's commercial districts.

In Glendale, Lamb took the lead on that city's Centerline redevelopment project, which brought 200 jobs from three national companies to that city, according to community affairs director Emma Speight, and spurred the opening of a $28-million multi-family residential complex. The redevelopment project also brought in a number of new community events to establish Glendale's downtown arts district.

Arlington city manager Ted Staton said Lamb is joining the city at an opportune time.

"Robert is leaving Glendale with many accomplishments to his credit, and we believe he will be able to achieve even more for Upper Arlington," Staton said. "He is stepping in at a time when the city has many important projects on the horizon, such as the Lane Avenue mixed-use redevelopment. We're confident he will play an integral role in their success."

To facilitate growth in Upper Arlington, Lamb's role will include working closely with the Upper Arlington Community Improvement Corp. (UACIC), the board of zoning and planning (BZAP), the Upper Arlington Area Chamber of Commerce and to represent the city at the regional level, according to Speight. He will also be responsible for implementing objectives from Arlington's master plan.

Before working as Glendale's economic development administrator, Lamb served as that city's special projects planner, where he managed several projects in preparation for the 2008 Super Bowl. He also formerly worked as a law clerk in Willoughby, Ohio, in the areas of land use, zoning policy, real estate law, and municipal and corporate law.

Originally from Cleveland, Lamb said he is excited to begin work in Upper Arlington.

"I am very excited at the opportunity to return to Ohio. The majority of my family lives here, so being close to them will be wonderful," Lamb said. "I am looking forward to working with the Upper Arlington business community to find new and innovative ways the city can partner with them in growing and expanding their businesses."

Lamb's starting salary is listed at $93,000, not subject to overtime compensation. In addition he will receive the city's executive benefits package, which includes 120 hours of vacation leave, five personal days, life insurance in an amount equal to base salary, reimbursement of moving expenses not to exceed $3,000, and other benefits and optional benefits.